Letters - March 16

Control is not cruel

As spring starts to bring new life to the flowers and trees and we see the sweet

little lambs in the fields, it is easy to forget that your cute little kitten of last year will now be mature and can become the father or mother to a large number of kittens.

Your cat does not have to have a litter of kittens and it is not cruel to have it neutered or spayed, but it is cruel to let it

produce litter after litter of unwanted


With the credit crunch biting hard, less people are taking on pets because of the

expense involved and more people are

moving into rented accommodation which nearly always comes with a 'no pets' policy.

Cat Rescue and Cats Paws are bursting at the seams and both charities have long waiting lists of cats needing to come in, so it is vital that we keep the number of

unwanted kittens down.

A neutered cat is a healthy cat, so it won't need as many visits to the vet and it will not stray too far from home.

With love, care and attention your feline friend will enjoy life with you and be a good companion, a calming influence and help reduce any stress in your life.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue


Get planting to brighten up main road

I was born in Blackpool and am now 78-years-old.

When I was younger,

coming into Blackpool was a nice experience as you came down a lovely tree lined road, Whitegate Drive.

Through the years as the trees have died and in recent years the loss of our lovely elms the road is nearly bare. None have been replaced on this, what was a lovely road. I think it's a disgrace.

Please someone get

planting trees and tidy up the area.

Mrs Elizabeth Wynne

Seacrest Avenue


Sad pics

Regarding the death of

Crumple, the Blackpool Zoo

elephant. I was upset to see

pictures of Crumple in "happier times" with Santa on her back, playing football etc. She would not participate in these acts by choice.

At last she is finally at peace after living most of her 40 years incarcerated, a far cry from the wild open spaces of the wild, and as for the proposed televised post-mortem, this would be the final indignity.

Bella Gibbons

Bloomfield Road


Chuckle at pension cash

I recently sat enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning with the sun shining through the window.

I was reading the morning paper about Sir Fred Goodwin, of Royal Bank of Scotland fame, and fuming about the unfairness of the money these bank fat cats played about with.

At that point our affable and long serving postman arrived.

There was a rather large and important looking envelope in the bundle, which deserved the attention of my posh new letter opener.

Joy of joys, it was from the

national pensions centre and

informed me my pension had been calculated.

The great surprise was from my 80th birthday I would receive an extra 25 pence per week on my payments.

Eat your heart out Sir Fred, I thought, although I did have to laugh.

Pauline Nicholls


No place for animals in town

It has taken me until now to write and say how upset and sorry my family and I have been to see Yates's and all the shops burnt down, especially the pet shop.

Sometimes I would call inside to see the parrots and small

animals and fish and buy some dog or cat food.

On February 13, I decided not to inside, I'm glad I didn't

because the thought of all those animals would have haunted me forever.

I'm glad no people lost their lives, but I now feel that no more animals should be left at night in the middle of town.

I hope the pet shop and Yates's are restored to their former glory, but please don't put

animals back.

Name and address supplied

No answers from debate

I logged on to the live web

debate on March 12 between Fylde residents and the Leader of Fylde Council, John Coombes.

Whilst I welcome any

opportunity to directly contact the council leader, I feel this was little more than a "box ticking" exercise, allowing the council to look as if it is listening and

responding. A number of

questions were posed regarding planning applications and the failure of the council to create a Core Strategy. These were not

adequately answered.

It is wrong to lead the the

electorate to believe such

debates really get to the heart of local government.

Miranda Cox

Ribby Road, Kirkham