Letters - June 26, 2014

GNASH OF The Titan ... Luis Suarez's latest biting incident should result in a lifetime ban and is a terrible example to the young, says our reader
GNASH OF The Titan ... Luis Suarez's latest biting incident should result in a lifetime ban and is a terrible example to the young, says our reader
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Player should be banned


Luis Suarez should now face a lifetime ban.

We cannot have young schoolchildren going around biting opponents because ‘that’s what footballers do’.

His behaviour is disgraceful. He should have been sent off immediately.

He may be his country’s top player but he is a very poor example to the young.

Terry Bennett

Dinmore Avenue


Right to pursue EMRO


The decision to consider an Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO)on clubs and pubs in Blackpool was correct.

Violence caused by drink is a problem not just for the resort but for many towns and cities across the UK.

It is also a major problem for the health of those who daily drink to excess levels.

Binge drinking is part of that problem.

Enjoying an alcoholic drink is a relaxing pastime and, like most things, 
can be beneficial, in 

The article on the EMRO 
(Gazette, June 10) gave an 
opportunity to open up 

The chairman of Pubwatch stated they would have preferred to see more CCTV cameras to monitor the problem of violence caused by drink.

A survey would perhaps 
reveal that residents and health professionals would prefer to see licensees accept their share of the blame for the problem which they and shops which sell drink at 
reduced prices are fuelling.

Monitoring its effects to avoid trouble and violence is important, but surely 
addressing the root cause is more important.

The EMRO was an attempt to address the problem. The council had to consider all aspects that an earlier closing time could have on Blackpool’s economy.

I believe their decision was correct as unilateral early closing in one town is not the answer. However, the problem remains.

The coalition Government has fudged the issue.

Their much-publicised aim to do something about the availability of very cheap drink came to 
nothing. What is needed is legislation that affects all of the UK.

More targeted health warnings helped to reduce smoking could it do the same against excessive drinking?

Jack Croysdill

Queens Promenade


Lottery helps animals


On behalf of national veterinary charity, PDSA, which has a pet hospital 
in Hawes Side Lane, 
Blackpool, I would like to say a huge thank you to people in this area who are players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

We’ve just received exciting news that their players have raised another £50,000 to support the work of PDSA, bringing the total raised for us in less than a year to an incredible £600,000.

This important funding ensures we can extend our vital pet wellbeing treatment and education programmes in many more areas, to keep pets healthy and happy and we are so very grateful to the 
players for their generosity.

Last year alone, more than 470,000 pets needed help from PDSA – a figure that has risen by more than 50 per cent in recent years.

Annually, it costs around £60m to run our veterinary service, all of which is funded entirely by public support.

PDSA is one of 40 charities across Great Britain that will receive the extra funding boost from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

This support has made a huge difference to hundreds of communities with funding awarded to grass root groups and local projects as well as national and international charities.

More than £41m has been raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery for good causes since its launch in 2008 .On behalf of us here at PDSA and all the pets we treat – thank you to the local players for their amazing support.

Elaine Pendlebury

PDSA Senior Veterinary 

Trains to London

Need more

It is good news to read about Virgin Trains restoring a service to London (Gazette, June 20).

There is only one service a day, but it’s a start.

I hope we get more than one train a day in the new year. We had more trains in the age of steam.

Richard Armstrong

Cherry Tree Road


Too soft on fracking

Get own way

In reply to comments about fracking plans being submitted, no wonder other countries treat the British as a soft lot.

When the fracking companies started to drill some time ago, I said to my wife that I knew they would get their own way. Some people have commented that even if there is a slight risk, it is necessary.

But I would like to suggest to those people that this is the case only so long as you do not have it near you.

Paul Smith

Anchorsholme Lane