Letters - June 25, 2014

Totally Transport 2014
Totally Transport 2014
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Motor fun

Totally brilliant

Sunday saw South Promenade and the Solaris host to the public in their thousands for the annual Totally Transport event.

Brilliant sunshine started the day, a very welcome change to the dreadful weather last year.

Officially opened by the Mayor, Coun Valerie Haynes, there was a great deal on offer.

The Promenade roadway was lined by a great variety of classic cars, some great ones from the 1960s with examples of two-tone paintwork, lots of chrome and white-wall tyres, many old buses in liveries of the past.

The Solaris provided both indoor and outdoor displays including a band and out front both the ice-cream van and the food van proved welcome additions.

Free vintage bus tours were provided from 12 o’clock running to St Annes and many, clearly non enthusiast members of the general public took the opportunity to ride open-top and other vintage trams boarding at a temporary stop opposite the Solaris for a return ride to North Pier, every one at full capacity it seemed.

Fortunately the road layout at South Shore can provide an easy diversion off the Prom via Clifton Drive allowing the Prom section to be closed for the event.

The input from all parties involved: Civic Trust, council, Lancashire Transport Trust, Visit Blackpool, Blackpool Transport and the vehicle owners must be congratulated for putting on this highly successful free event , now into its 10th year.

A big thumbs-up to Blackpool from visitors and locals.

John Garnham


Food safety

USA deal must fail

Following the food scandals of recent years, people are becoming much more aware of what goes into our food.

The last thing we need is lower legal standards, but a deal being negotiated between the EU and the US could 
result in exactly that.

The EU-US trade deal aims to ‘harmonise’ European and American rules in food safety and many other areas, which in practice may mean slashing European standards to match the much lower US levels.

So, products like hormone-treated beef and pork, and chicken washed in chlorine, sold by US companies but currently banned here, could appear on supermarket shelves in the UK.

Food is just one area in which this deal would give multinational companies much more influence in our lives. Health care and education are among the others.

The deal threatens our ability to run our society in the way we choose, and it must be stopped.

John Clarke

Ormond Avenue, 

True star

When Danny came

A letter from Malcolm Lane recently about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons not being listed as previously having appeared in Blackpool, re-awakened a sadness of mine that a very famous and much-loved film star is also never mentioned as appearing in references to past stars.

In the late 1950s Danny Kaye played three (possibly four) nights in the Empress Ballroom in the Winter Gardens.

It was an unusual venue but as it was the very height of the season there was no other theatre available at the time. Neither were there any usherettes available.

It was an absolutely wonderful show and always a full house.

I can testify to this by the fact that members of the staff of the Tower Company’s offices (like me) were asked to volunteer to do overtime as stewards to carry out the necessary duties. A great treat!

Ellen A Wilson



Art could be sold

It was heartwarming to read in your paper of the generous donation to Trinity Hospice by Gig Promotions and Cuffe and Taylor after the Rod Stewart concert.

The £200,000 is a huge amount for the hospice to raise and I wonder if the lovely but expensive paintings purchased by the trustees some years ago could be sold to boost the appeal.

I am sure the paintings could be replaced by work donated from local schools and colleges giving the students the knowledge that they have helped their community.

Ann Bowling

Edenfield Avenue,

Deck chairs

No place to sit

Where are the deckchairs? When I finally persuaded my other half to move to the seaside and take over a business, my plan was to enjoy the convenience of only having a short walk to south shore and settle down to relax in a deck chair with views towards the sea.

How fantastic this would have been, especially during our wonderful warm sunny days over the past week.

Now at the age of 75, with walking difficulties it appears my dream has not come true. Please re turn the deck chairs!

David Platt Blackpool
Station Road,