Letters - June 16, 2014

Restored front entrance to Blackpool Tower
Restored front entrance to Blackpool Tower
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Renovation of facade


It is wonderful news regarding the restoration of the Blackpool Tower facade (Gazette, June 12).

After seeing the damage to the terracotta and the stained glass windows, when the canopy was removed in 2010, it was above my wildest dreams they would be renovated to such a high standard.

I can’t wait to see the facade when it is fully restored!

Vernon Lund

New Hall Avenue North


What are British values?


Recent revelations about attempts to turn a number of Birmingham state schools into Muslim Faith schools have led to Michael Gove insisting that all schools must teach ‘British values’.

The inability of politicians and pundits in the past few days to define these values has been alarming.

They either have no knowledge of history and/or are too frightened to state these values for fear of being thought prejudiced by their constituents.

British values are not exclusive to this country. They are democratic values, values that are the opposite to those ingrained in extremist regimes.

The core values are: tolerance of others whose values and beliefs differ, the rule of law, the four freedoms, and the belief that both sexes are different but equal.

We fought two major wars to prevent these values being destroyed by bigoted and downright evil doctrines.

These cherished values have a downside. As Greek philosophers pointed out ‘tolerant societies, unfortunately, leave themselves open to attack by the intolerant’.

Hence, there is a need to keep ones guard up.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close


Please support RSPCA

Big raffle

The RSPCA hope pet lovers will turn out to support our first ever national RSPCA raffle with Pets at Home, being held across Pets at Home stores from June 13 to 25.

The RSPCA and Pets at Home have launched the raffle which costs £1 per ticket to celebrate RSPCA week with all the proceeds going to the RSPCA.

The RSPCA couldn’t do its work improving animal welfare without the help of its supporters and volunteers and we are so grateful to everyone who helps us carry out our work.

David Canavan

Director of Corporate Development and Enterprise


Check passports sooner


So why all the hoo hah about passports?

Why don’t people check their passports are in order in February and March, or send their new applications off then when it is a quiet period?

Wouldn’t it be quicker to apply at that time?

Alan Gilbert

Lytham St Annes

Ambulance response


I sympathise with the man who had to wait for an ambulance for his wife (Gazette, June 10).

I had a fall at home last week. Initially an ambulance took a while to come, but when my daughter stressed that I was unable to get up it was there within minutes.

Even if you are in a panic, please do give the emergency crews as much information as possible.

I do think people should be advised on how to give as 
much information as they can, even though they may be in a panic.

The two paramedics who came to me were wonderful, and the attention from them and the hospital was absolutely perfect.

They all really looked after me.

Margaret Whittaker


Will Tory voters return?

Had enough

David Cameron has assured the Tory 1922 committee the voters who voted UKIP would return next year. Really?

Who would vote for a party that will only grant a referendum on EU membership if they get re-elected?

Or for a party that is wrecking our Armed Forces, has lost control of immigration, is happy to pay the EU £55m every day for our membership and is happy (like Labour and the Lib Dems) to surrender to the laws and diktats of the bureaucrats of the EU.

These are just a few reasons why most of the voters will not be returning to the Tories, Labour and the Lib-Dems.

The people have had enough of them.

Philip Griffiths

North West President UKIP

New restaurant plan


I was delighted to read about Veli Kirk’s plans for a new restaurant on St Annes seafront (Gazette, June 12)

It is great to see a local businessman investing like this.