Letters - July 9, 2014

WAR STORIES One reader is searching for information about his father's Home Guard service in Blackpool
WAR STORIES One reader is searching for information about his father's Home Guard service in Blackpool

War memories

Home Guard hero

I am researching my father’s service in the Home Guard in Blackpool during the Second World War and wondered if you could help please.

His name was George Atkins and he lived at 11 Holyoak Avenue, Blackpool, with his wife Emily but they moved to the Dover area in 1947. I know that with others he guarded Blackpool Water Tower and from their I believe observed German Aircraft using Blackpool Tower as a navigation point in order to fly south to bomb Liverpool.

During the mid-war period his unit was issued with sten guns and during a night firing exercise across the River Ribble near Preston they managed (very tragically) to kill and injure a field of cattle on the opposite side of the river.

He worked as a van driver for a food wholesaler in Blackpool called I believe “Doughty” but I have no other details unfortunately.

It is a very slim chance that anybody in Blackpool would know of him after this lapse of time but any information would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks and if you want to get in touch contact, William Atkins, 11 Eythorne Road, Shepherdswell, Dover, Kent CT15 7PB. 01304 832630 email address williamatkin07@aol.com

William Atkin

via email

Derby Baths memories

Swim star

Reading your Lost Archives article Johnny Weissmuller at the Derby Baths in 1949 brought back quite a few memories for me. At the time I was a 17-year-old lad operating a lime light on the show The Water Folies of 1949.

My job was to spot Johnny during the show for most of the night.

Some nights he would partly lose his voice and therefore could not do his trademark Tarzan call.

He was a brilliant swimmer and used to thrill the crowds. I must add that I had many a ten bob note off him for looking after him with the spotlight.

WG Casey

Greenfiled Road,

World Cup commentary

Comic goal

I don’t know about you, but I think that this has been one of the most entertaining World Cups ever.

No, I don’t mean the footballers – the commentators.

Half time, July 4, BBC.

Alan Shearer: “France is dangerous on the break.”

Rio Ferdinand: “Germany is more calmer.”

Mark Lawrenson: “ It was an absolutely definite 
deflection.” And again (on a substitution.) “He is one of those players who will give you a chance.”

While all of this is quite hilarious, I wonder if it enhances our grandchildrens’ understanding of vocabulary and grammar?

I only inquire because, of course, we pay for all this eloquence with our TV license fee and sometimes wonder whether the charge is justifiable.

So I can’t wait for 2018.

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road,



Art attack

Rubbish tip

Roll up, roll up come and see the latest example of modern art on Deneway 

It has got the edge on Tracey Emin’s famous Unmade 

This new work is ‘Discarded Fridge-freezer’.

It is nestling amid various bags of decaying rubbish!

What’s more, the exhibition seems to be available for the forseeable future, despite the several spoilsports who have attempted to get it removed.

Wasn’t it on the TV news that fly-tippers could face a possible fine of £95,000 once caught?

Susan Barker

Fordway Avenue, 

Montgomery School

Bad report

I can’t believe these so-called school inspectors walked into Montgomery School for one day and then declared it the worst school in Blackpool.

How dare they? 
This school has produced famous rugby players famous footballers, two multi-millionaires to my knowledge. The so-called inspectors should have said it was the best school and the best headmaster who really cares for pupils – like General Montgomery cared about his soldiers in the war.

WG Casey

Ashfield Road

Tour de Force

Ride on

I would like to congratulate our neighbours Yorkshire 
for their fantastic participation in hosting the Tour de 

With record crowds and all the councils joining together to make it a truly great spectacle.

What a boost for the tourist trade it must be.

Perhaps it could be extended in future years to include parts of Lancashire including our own and of course the Lake District.

Mr C Sykes

Staining Road,