Letters - July 31, 2012

Cows being milked
Cows being milked
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THE recent and ongoing dairy coalition campaign for fair milk pricing has attracted a huge amount of public and political support.

It has already made a big difference with the major retailers committing to move their milk price in the right direction.

But there is still more to be done to engage with the milk processors and some of the discount retailers to create a long term framework to make sure we never reach crisis point again.

The campaign couldn’t have been so successful without the support of consumers being prepared to question their local retailers and put pressure on them to support the UK dairy industry.

As a veterinary practice working day-in, day-out with local dairy farms we fully support the campaign and know how important it is for our farmers around Garstang, the Fylde, northern Lancashire and beyond.

We need a system that ensures fair pricing because high-quality, safe dairy products produced on farms that ensure good animal health and welfare comes at a cost.

Our dairy farmers need to be able to run profitable businesses so they can continually invest in animal health and welfare.

Only in this way can we ensure a sustainable agri-livestock sector with all the public health, food security and environmental benefits that provides.

The “SOS Dairy” campaign is supported by the British Veterinary Association, of which we are members.

The campaign pages of the NFU website contain lots of information about ways in which individuals can support the campaign, including template letters to send to MPs, retailers and processors.

Visit the website www.nfuonline.com/Home/SOS-dairy for more information.


Green Lane West,



COUN Tony Williams is suggesting mobility scooters should be insured (Gazette July 18) – an argument with which I am in total accord.

Having seen many of these quite large and heavy ‘vehicles’ driven at a speed fast enough to cause injury, as has happened in many parts of the country, I feel insurance cover is in the interest of the owner, and potential victims of what can be serious injury if hit.

But I go beyond that and suggest all owners of these vehicles should have to undertake a statutory, albeit simple test in terms of road safety.

As it stands I, as a disabled person, can just buy and use one of these scooters with nothing ensuring that I am safe to use one.

Having seen so many people crossing Blackpool tram tracks in scooters assuming they have enough speed and right of way, I am not unduly surprised at the accident in Clevelys, so I feel the case for safety legislation is long overdue.


Valentia Road,


WELL done to Aaron Tomkinson for refusing to give up on his charity challenge despite suffering serious injuries in a road accident (Gazette July 30).

He is determined to continue with his bid to complete the Great Yorkshire Run despite having to contend with his own recovery first. This kind of commitment is amazing which is why I say good luck Aaron and I hope you raise plenty of money for your chosen causes.