Letters - July 3, 2014

Blackpool's Armed Forces Week was launched at a flag-raising ceremony outside the town hall.'Standard bearers come to attention.  PIC BY ROB LOCK'23-6-2014
Blackpool's Armed Forces Week was launched at a flag-raising ceremony outside the town hall.'Standard bearers come to attention. PIC BY ROB LOCK'23-6-2014

Armed forces week


As the Chairman of Fylde Ex-Service Liaison Committee I should like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who once more made this year’s Armed Forces Week such a fantastic experience.

The whole week went like clockwork from start to finish and Blackpool once more demonstrated what a fabulously special place it is.

As in previous years the people of this town proved there is nowhere like Blackpool when it comes to putting on this type of event.

There were so many wonderful examples of community spirit and engagement highlighted that it would simply be impossible to list them all.

That said it would be 
remiss of me if I didn’t at least offer my thanks to those who gave so freely of their time in the organisation and delivery of the week-long event.

The primary organisers are my own organisation FESLC, Blackpool Council and Visit Blackpool, but supporting them are a plethora of individuals and organisations who create all the elements that make for such a wonderful week and without whom it simply couldn’t happen.

I include the clubs, the hotels, the media, the organising committees, the businesses, et al, all of whom do their bit without thought of favour or reward.

Perhaps one special mention must go to Coral Island who this year won the award as the business that has most supported veterans in 2014 having provided more than 600 free meals for veterans in the last week alone.

Perhaps we should also remember that besides all the wonderful fun and goodwill that is created there is another benefit to all of this with the thousands of people that come to Blackpool to enjoy the spectacle.

Blackpool is fast becoming synonymous with the Armed Forces and events such as Armed Forces Week tell the rest of Britain that Blackpool is the place to come to celebrate and remember our wonderful Armed Forces, past, present and future.

Ron Bell

Chairman, Fylde Ex Service Liaison Committee

‘Secret’ deal warning


Many people are involved in local campaigns to protect the NHS, oppose fracking, or tackle fuel poverty.

The EU is secretly negotiating a trade deal with the US which would affect all of these issues and more.

If the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is agreed, it will give big business the right to sue the UK government over legislation that they believe might reduce their profits. This would mean a future UK government could be sued for trying to return the NHS to full public ownership.

It would make a freeze on energy prices, proposed by some politicians, difficult if not impossible to achieve.

And it would lead to a fracking boom, as more and more ‘fracked’ gas is imported into Britain.

Awareness of the dangers of the deal is growing, and groups like the World Development Movement are coming together to oppose it.

I hope readers will share my concerns and join the campaign.

Mike Dziubinski


Lego championships

Did well

After the write­-up about our grandson, Sam Elgee, who lives in Truro in Nova Scotia, Canada, going into a Lego competition in Toronto (Gazette June 5), many people have asked how he went on.

Well, they didn’t win but did very well. Seventy one teams were in the competition and they came in at 24. He represented the UK.

Anyone who is interested in Lego can log on to Facebook page “Trurobotics” or candjelgee@gmail.com


Common Edge Road, Marton

Working for McDonalds

Older staff

I read with much interest, the article about the success of McDonalds franchisee Nigel Dunnington (Business Page, Gazette, June 19).

Well, it is true McDonalds employs multitudes of staff, most are part-­time, young (under 18), and don’t stay long with the job.

Congratulations to employee of the year Bradley.

But ask him the same questions about job satisfaction in a few years –­ older staff don’t get much respect!

Name and address 

Private landlords

Praise for mine!

I have read in The Gazette lately some articles warning people about bad landlords but I am in a private flat and my landlady is excellent.

She is very good, if you need anything doing she will see it gets done.

I have known my landlady for more than 20 years and she has been like a friend to me.

So I thought I would write to thank her.

Stella Michie

Balmoral Terrace,