Letters - July 21, 2014

HIGH TIME One reader had a wail of a time dancing the night away at the top of The Tower
HIGH TIME One reader had a wail of a time dancing the night away at the top of The Tower
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Out of this world

So special

My husband and I attended the recent Summertime Soul Special at Blackpool Tower and spent all week telling everyone what a fantastic time we had, especially at the top of The Tower!

I don’t know who thought of it but having a bar while the modern Soul/Hed Candy beats played at the top was fantastic.

It was out of this world seeing people dance on glass floor ‘Eye’ while also looking out at the Golden Mile. Awesome!

We also enjoyed dancing to the classic soul sounds on the fabulous sprung floor in the Tower Ballroom, but the memories from the top of the Tower will live a long time in our memories.

Maybe The Tower should consider running something similar throughout the season when the ballroom is open.

Many thanks to all concerned especially the DJ’s for a great night.

Karen Pennington

St Martins Road


Blackpool Football Club


No Blackpool fan would be surprised at William Watt’s sub heading ‘Oyston and Riga lock horns over transfers’.

I even hinted as much in a recent Gazette comment that there could be an Oyston embargo in place!

Two items point to another possible example of the chairman’s cheese-paring attitude – the fact that manager Riga’s coaching staff have not yet signed – plus Harrison McGahey’s failure to accept a new deal and prefers to sign for a League One club.

To me the most clear condemnation of the Blackpool chairman has come via letters from Pool fans in Canada, and particularly Marty Burke, who claims clearly that Oyston is turning our team into a parish in the Championship. Fans, even those surprisingly who have optimistically already bought tickets for the new season must agree with Mr Burke – Oyston must go.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Protecting workers

Be fair

All employed people were probably happy about benefits being capped.

But anyone could end up on the scrap heap through no fault of their own.

If Prime Minister David Cameron takes away people’s right to strike, it could lead to wrongful dismissals.

Has Mr Cameron forgotten trade unions are here to protect the workers.

Otherwise any employer would be able to sack an employee without a real reason.

I also believe the cabinet reshuffle is to stop them doing what the cabinet did to Margaret Thatcher when they threw her out.

I just hope Mr Cameron falls foul of the many monetary change he himself has implemented.

They say what goes around comes around.

Maybe when he is old and in need of help, he will realise just what he has done to everyone else.

Marvin Blake

Address Supplied

Boat pull fund-raiser


On behalf of everyone at Blackpool Lifeboat Station, we would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who took part in the boat pull on Sunday July 13 on the Promenade.

A big thank you to the management and staff of Sandcastle Water park who helped pull the boat and put on a buffet for everyone at the end.

We raised £214.23. Once again, thank you to everyone. It is greatly appreciated.

Christine Parry

Central Drive


Helping our animals


May I thank Napthens Solicitors at Whitehills Business Park for generously donating to RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs five flat screen monitors to be used in the reception/retail unit, the staff offices and the consulting rooms at our new state of the art animal centre opening in Stalmine next month.

We are a self funding, local branch of the RSPCA and we look after all the local animals entrusted into our care.

The current site at Division Lane will be decommissioned next month and the whole operation will transfer to Stalmine. Here all the animals will cared for in much more comfortable and appropriate accommodation.

The cost of the new site has been covered by funds which have been raised or donated locally. We are still continuing to fund-raise relentlessly as the need for local animal welfare in this area is so great.

Many of the dogs, cats and other species we take in have been victims of horrendous cruelty, neglect or abuse.

If you are able to support our cause by sending a donation however small it will be much appreciated.

All donations are acknowledged and can be sent to Longview Animal Centre, Division Lane Blackpool or you can contact the Centre by calling (01253) 763991. Alternatively please go to our website where you can see an update of our activities.

Ann M. Turner

RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancashire