Letters - July 18, 2014

BAE Systems Taranis and Typhoon
BAE Systems Taranis and Typhoon
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Jobs are in decline

Move away

David Sharman’s article on BAE Systems at Farnborough Air Show (Gazette, July 14) informs us that Fylde staff hope to drum up sales, and further on tell us the theme is “100 years of aviation with commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War”.

Arms companies exist to sell weapons, irrespective of national boundaries, and selling to all sides in a conflict has not slowed down since the 1914-18 War .

In 2011, in Libya, arms from one company were used by Gaddafi, the Libyan rebels and UK and French military.

It is time to challenge the arms trade and counter the myth that arms companies act in national interest.

Arms trades jobs are in long term decline with workers facing uncertainty over their futures.

With new research showing that offshore wind and marine energy requires similar skill sets to arms workers, and many locations where arms trades jobs are concentrated in would be natural locations for renewable energy manufacturing.

Unlike the arms industry this sector is growing rapidly and is genuinely vital to UK prosperity, environment and security.

To realise its potential it needs skilled staff, government support and investment.

These are the resources 
that are currently focused
in the stagnant and destructive arms industry.

Royston Jones

Beryl Avenue


Look forward to archives


Your Tarzan article (Lost Archives, July 4) reminded me of the times when we had so many wonderful attractions in the town, one of which was the Palace which featured a different variety show every week.

On one occasion my wife and I went to see a production which featured the song and dance act of Ted and Barbara Andrews with their daughter Julie, a very talented young lady.

Thank you for all the nostalgic photographs you feature every week.

My wife and I were born in Blackpool more than 81 years ago and we look forward to the archive edition weekly.

Keith Gledhill

South Park Drive


Helping street cats


We at Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary right in the heart of Blackpool, in our 12 years of existence, are struggling very badly to feed, house and pay the vets’ bills this year.

We would ask you in particular for funds to buy medication, Drontal Advantage or Spot On, to prevent ticks and worms as well as the fleas that thrive in this hot weather.

We have 19 cats at the sanctuary and we feed a further 20 street cats outside and if we can catch them, have them spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted babies.

We also help people to be relocated with their lost pets and we give a decent burial for those who are killed on the busy road on Governor Street.

A big thank you to all the kind Lancashire readers who have brought us wet and dry good, old newspapers, cheques and blankets, as well as gifts to resell at the car boot sale.

Fr Anthony

Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary

Grosvenor Street


Spend cash on toilets


We talk about at least £50m government funding, and promise for further investment projects up to £106m (Gazette, July 8).

Unfortunately there is no mention in all this money about the supposed planning permission which was almost promised but not decided yet for toilets last October.

But of course we know greedy councils all over the country save the money for something else year after year.

Never mind the public who suffer year after year. At least let the public use the bookmakers or the pubs.

This resort has lots of visitors, disabled and elderly residents. Why can’t we have some proper toilets like on the Continent.

C Victor de-Nagy

Gill Court

South Shore

Animal experiments


Despite repeated promises by the Government that it will reduce the numbers of animals used in research and work towards using non-animal alternatives, animal experiments have spiralled to a 25-year high – more than four million experiments in one year.

The UK Government is currently reviewing the secrecy clause, section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, which has stifled debate and prevented scientific and ethical scrutiny of animal experiments for far too long.

This move would finally give us the openness and transparency the organisation Naturewatch has been fighting for.

Would you help them by signing their public e petition on the government website?

www. epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/57611.

Your voice is vital, you can make a real difference.


Moor Park Avenue