Letters - July 18, 2013

Concerns have been raised over congestion on the prom because of the new shared space layout
Concerns have been raised over congestion on the prom because of the new shared space layout
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State of promenade

Big debate

One can only assume the Department for Transport permitted a busy ‘A’ class trunk road (the Promenade) to be narrowed from four lanes to two at its most congested point producing a bottle neck.

What other explanation?

There is a wider picture to this problem, in that this idea might have worked if there had been a good inner town centre ring road.

In other words, a dual carriageway road with few access points linking Chapel Street with Talbot Road/Dickson Road.

There are no alternatives so problems arise.

Even today in the new business quarter, existing roads are being linked into one another and no attempt is being made to produce a good road system around the town centre.

If this were done, public transport would be able to feed into the town more easily.

When concerts or events are held on Tower Headland, it would be easier for traffic to avoid the area,but instead it has to cope with an antiquated road system “unfit for purpose”.

I have mentioned this to planners in the past and on various occasions to concerned parties, but it has never been taken seriously.

I also do not believe the business centre has been well placed when the town centre now has a vacuum between the café quarter (Queen Street) and shopping quarter (Church Street to Adelaide Street).

Inbetween we have a scruffy no man’s land and why talk about trams up Talbot Road, who will they serve?

The business sector and North Station, but they will not rejuvenate the area.

The land on which the business sector is being built was cheap and available, that is the reason for its present situation.

Where is the planning blueprint for Blackpool?

Shopping centres are contracting, half our hinterland is the sea, the only way to lure investors is via an all year holiday trade with good cheap parking.

The new car parks are on the outskirts and will perhaps only be used by council employees and town centre workers.

If we want a future we want progress.


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Is there a strategic plan for transport in Blackpool, especially for travelling north to south?

The current priority seems to be to snarl up motorists, lorries and buses by the use of pinch points, badly phased lights and a badly designed Prom.

Residents and visitors are appalled.

Turning to our Prom - why did planners have such lack of foresight.

Are they unwilling to listen to residents’ common sense?

On this occasion why didn’t the executive realise they had been sold a pup by the planners.

Councillors then attempted to reassure themselves by subjecting residents to a loaded question, asking about the current dual
 nonsense on the Prom
 and the high cost of change.

Using their eyesight and commonsense, residents again pronounced the Promenade traffic gridlocked .

Then surprise, surprise, councillors hire poodle consultants to confirm the councillors’ original decision.

They state “ a return would be a significant detriment to pedestrians but inconvenience to road traffic is anecdotal”.

The council planners will obviously try to play the safety card and point to expert advice given.

However, what was the loaded question asked of the consultants?

There is no balanced approach from planners and councillors - wishful thinking will not make road transport problems go away.

Instead, visitors (who come here by car) will stay away and residents will go away and do business in St Annes

Planners are killing off the goose that laid the golden egg. Blackpool needs good roads.


South Shore

The latest decison from the council regarding the Promenade fiasco says all there is to say about this bunch of incompetants.

Is the committe totally
 devoid of any of the senses that most people use to make decisions without calling in consultants, and how much has this cost in total including the nonsensical and pointless mailshot?

Bring on the elections.

Mike Burke

(by email)

Dogs need care too

Hot weather

Please note dog lovers , your dog feels the heat just as much as you.

If you are really hot and need a drink whilst you are walking around with your dog, so 
does your dog.

There have been so many dogs taken to the vets with heat exhaustion and heart attacks, just because they are an animal doesn’t mean
 they can go walking around without shade, rest and

Do not leave your dog in a car, even with the windows open it will die and not in a very pleasant way.

All pets in the heat, cold, rain, whatever the weather need good, water and 

This is not an awful lot to ask for something that gives you back unconditional love and loyalty.

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