Letters- July 13

Pictures Martin Bostock.'First day of rides on the big wheel in St John's square.'Views across Blackpool.
Pictures Martin Bostock.'First day of rides on the big wheel in St John's square.'Views across Blackpool.
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REGARDING the latest folly in St John’s Square, with the decision not to bring the big wheel back (Gazette July 11).

Look no further, as I have the ideal solution for which I fully expect the council to cross my palm with silver (all right, gold).

No doubt my services as a consultant will be in great demand, thus lining my pockets with more gold.

It is difficult to imagine anyone could possibly come up with the same idea I have for the square.

Are you all ready for this? I’ll not keep you in suspense any longer...How about a road to be constructed through St John’s Square with pavements on each side of the said road, thus ensuring traffic can move through the town far more easily.


Gainsborough Road


OUR group Blackpool Community First has been promoting good fellowship between the police and the public.

We felt now was a good time to try to bring the police and public together. Unfortunately, we have been inundated with calls of ‘I told you so – the police are not to be trusted.’

So thank you for nothing to the nine officers who have sullied the name of good police officers (Gazette July 8).

Our incentive to bring the police and the public together, although not dead in the water, has been put back many months, but we intend to press on and eventually win through.


Blackpool Community First

ONCE again, it is my very great pleasure to publicly thank the Buccaneer Restaurant in Coral Island for the wonderful carvery served to veterans during Armed Forces Week.

As ever, the food was excellent, plentiful and piping hot. Every year this meal is given to hundreds of people, and we do all appreciate it.

The staff are always fantastic, and can’t do enough for you. We receive a great carvery, delicious dessert and a drink, plus tea or coffee, absolutely free of charge. For one of the best meals in Blackpool, I would thoroughly recommend this eatery.


On behalf of the Royal Marines Association Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre

HAVING asked in The Gazette (July 7), should the troops be pulled from Afghanistan, 80 per cent were in favour.

With aerial bombing, drone attacks, torture in prison and the mercenaries against the Afghan people, the conflict looks never-ending. Development policy is being used to pursue military goals, and privatise the economy, with the multi-nationals profiting.

As your poll shows 80 per cent locally, and 75 per cent nationally, in favour of the immediate withdrawal of troops, and a negotiated settlement guaranteeing justice for the Afghans, we should now be contacting our MPs and demanding this.


Beryl Avenue