Letters - January 7, 2013

Foxes hunting
Foxes hunting
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MYSELF and many others lobbied against fox hunting.

We were delighted to have won a victory when the last Labour government in 2005 passed a law making it illegal.

It is with great sadness I read reports in the national press that they are back killing foxes.

Campaigners have evidence of many hunts taking place.

Most people accept there isn’t any place for animal cruelty in a civilised society, and we should still care for our fellow creatures.

While people are struggling with low incomes, prices rising, jobs being axed among many problems, yet this government wants hunting back.

I hope hunts will respect the law as it stands.

With the government, we should all stand together against overturning the hunt ban.

Afterall, it is the wildlife and beauty of the planet at stake.


(Address Supplied)

COUN Fred Jackson states in the Gazette (January 1) that almost three million passengers on the new trams was fantastic.

But how many more travelled free owing to the guards’ inability to collect fares on the overcrowded trams?

Blackpool Transport was completely unprepared for the demand and popularity of the new cars last year.

They ran a half hourly service in the evenings during part of the main summer season leaving behind lots of passengers until complaints led them to eventually realise it was in fact summer time in Blackpool.

Then for some reason there was a reduced service on Sundays, and finally they only brought out the modified double deckers on Monday to Friday during the October half-term to cope with the crowds, perhaps the weekend’s during half-term didn’t exist?

I did suggest in 2011 that messrs Trevor Roberts (managing director of Blackpool Transport), and Fred Jackson, forsake their desks and join us in the sardine cans.

It is obvious by their completely out of touch comments they didn’t experience ‘the delights’ of these packed cars.

I do wonder if these gentlemen will get it right in 2013? Time will tell!


Melville Road


THANK you for all the features about activities involving N-Vision that have appeared in The Gazette over the year.

The ones over Christmas really help to show how the generosity of the community, and businesses across the Fylde Coast, can link in with a charity like ours to help people less fortunate or disadvantaged in some way.

Our thanks also go out therefore to those generous people who have taken the opportunity to donate their time, their goods or their hard-earned wages for the benefit of the blind and visually impaired across the area.


Chief Executive,