Letters - January 30, 2013

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WHAT brilliant news for Blackpool theatre-goers that our prettiest and cosiest theatre – The Grand – is getting an Arts Council grant of £700,000 (Gazette January 23).

Not only have the professional artists expressed their delight at this timely financial boost, but amateurs, blessed to play in this Matcham masterpiece, I know share this news.

Whether it’s the operatic companies or the past appearances of The Green Room Players (who played three full weeks a year there), I’m sure they are thrilled at what can be done for the future with even better facilities.


Stamford Avenue,


IT’s not surprising there is much comment in The Gazette letters column about Dransfield’s termination of the leases of the stall holders in the market hall in Poulton, as it is of great concern to residents, stall holders and councillors alike.

One letter urges Wyre Council to buy the market hall on behalf of the council tax-payers of Wyre, while the latest from Mr Hudson urges Wyre to get together and discuss the position.

Allowing the council tax payers of Wyre to take on the responsibility, for what Dransield admit is a loss making enterprise, would not be a very responsible position to take, bearing in mind Dransfield has not been forthcoming with their plans for the market hall and whether or not it is actually for sale on the open market.

I, along with Poulton councillors had a fact finding meeting with the stall holders last week and listened to their concerns and promised Wyre would help to clarify any issues they had.

It is very early days and Dransfield have told us nothing about their plans.

However I do find it curious that a landlord who is subsidising his tenants should then terminate their leases and
 increase those subsidies.

We are not aware if we are being given the whole story but would point out the Dransfield/Asda scheme required six site acquisitions which would have been very difficult to achieve.

In the event I believe Wyre, the residents of Poulton and the tenants of the market hall deserve to be put in the picture, and I invite Dransfield to come discuss with us the plans they have. We deserve no less.


Economy Portfolio Holder,

Wyre Council.

BLACKPOOL NHS continues to have a serious problem regarding death rates of its patients (Gazette January 25).

You reported the same last year and Dr O’Donnell blamed statistical method errors, his admin staff etc.

He also said he had commissioned his own “up to date” survey which showed a more accurate, favourable picture.

Why then do the statistics in the last quarter’s publication show Blackpool to have made no progress? This is a real worry for the people of Blackpool.


St Annes