Letters - January 3, 2014

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Town Hall spending


I need to correct Coun Owen’s misguided belief that Blackpool Conservatives blame his party’s irresponsible management of the Illuminations’ fiasco, £1.5m per year of badly managed free school breakfasts, allowing millions of business rates to slip through their fingers, the useless, expensive no smoking signs or for diving into the town’s savings that have created the council’s ‘Financial difficulties’ (Letters, December 31)

No, we blame the £155bn of debt his Government dumped on the people of this country, open gate immigration policies, 24 hour drinking, abused welfare state and continuing to borrow their way out of debt.

Where I find this council guilty in a ‘tough time’ is continuing to waste our money on indulgent follies hoping they will be vote catchers.

Coun Owen also failed to recognise our criticism his party continue to pay £15,000 per month on tram consultation, the cost of a dysfunctional Fairness Commission and tax payers’ money on secret reports.

Money is also being wasted on a pre-determined EMRO consultation, new office furniture, more than £1m buying the Syndicate, poor delivery of Project 30 and £4m to set up the Labour leader’s failed Marketing Blackpool.

For years local authorities had an open cheque book to employ staff whenever they wanted.

Now the cheque book is closed Blackpool Council will have to work smarter. No council is perfect.

When we were in power 
decisions were made on 
‘prepared’ options.

In hindsight some were badly managed, or the wrong choice.

I would ensure that if given the opportunity those mistakes would never happen again.

However, I am not so sure the current Labour administration will admit to their mistakes.

The town’s Labour leader has already declared ‘There’s nothing wrong with arrogance as long as you’re right – and I’m right’.

Many don’t think so.

Coun Tony Williams

Leader of the Conservative group on Blackpool Council

Residents parking fees

Not fair

This festive season, my wife and I won £26 on scratch cards.

I thought that it would be nice to treat ourselves to something, then I remembered that I have to pay Blackpool Council £25 for the privilege of parking outside my own house; £12.50 for my car, plus an additional £12.50 for anyone who 
wishes to visit us.

Does that seem fair?

Toni Dagnall

(by email)

We need a niche cinema


As a regular film-goer, I enjoying seeing the latest blockbusters shown at the Odeon in Blackpool.

But I do think it is a shame we do not have any small cinemas on the Fylde showing more niche films.

There is nowhere local which regularly shows foreign language films for example.

Also, if you miss one of the main films during its initial run, you have generally missed your chance to view it on the big screen.

So it would be nice to have another cinema which could show films at a later date.

There are plans to use the Opera House a a cinema, and I think that’s a great idea.

But what about using one of the numerous other, smaller rooms in the Winter Gardens to show niche films on certain nights.

I think this would be a great addition to our local cultural scene.



Proud of work done here


It goes without too much saying that 2013 has been a difficult time for us all, and some publicity about our town of Blackpool has been ‘unhelpful’ to say the least. However, I am glad in my limited way through my national work I am able to keep the positive work we all do here in the limelight.

But if that work didn’t happen it couldn’t be promoted, so we do deserve a mutual pat on the back.

Blackpool is viewed as best practice in a range of areas in which I am involved, not least in our multi- agency team work in justice and equality which many in other areas (particularly London) would love to copy.

I am proud of our town, and will continue to do my bit for it, particularly for the many disabled people who need some moral support at a time when they are seen as a stereotypical burden. May Blackpool continue to be a centre for humanity.

May I wish you and everyone from my home town of Blackpool a hopeful New Year.

Stephen Brookes

Ambassador Disability 
Rights UK

Please return family pics

Lost camera

Would the person who found my camera in the Tower Ballroom between 2.45pm and 3-15 pm on Friday December 27 please at least return the SD memory card which has family Christmas photos on it!

Mrs M. J. Ince

71 Bentinck Avenue