Letters - January 15, 2014

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Well deserved rewards

Proud of friends

How amazing it was to see two people I am proud to call friends - Basil Newby and Brian Dickinson - being honoured for their richly-deserved MBEs in the same issue of The Gazette.

I first met Basil through my work at Radio Cabs when his Talbot Road Flamingo Club was a customer.

I originally met Brian at a time when I was disgusted at the treatment of our paraplegic sportsmen and women.

We got every taxi company in Blackpool on board with charity nights, first for the Paralympic Games and then for the Olympics.

Basil was one of the first to meet with me , agreeing to help, and on Saturday nights had his staff standing on the doors, trays in hand, cajoling customers to empty their pockets of coins.

More recently Basil even “loaned” me some of his Funny Girls for the opening of the charity shop for the blind in Highfield Road, South Shore.

We visited most of the clubs, pubs and venues in Blackpool and surrounding areas and always reached the target for the boys. One night we would be in Jellies and the Viking and the next our workingmen’s clubs and all were brilliant.

It was fun and you saw what a marvellous, cosmopolitan town Blackpool was and how well we all worked for each other.

The Government now treats our disabled sportsmen and women with the dignity they deserve.

So congratulations to both of you, Basil and Brian.

Coun Lily 
Henderson MBE


Charity begins in a garage

Successful season

Once again I am thanking readers of The Gazette for their past help with my charity.

After another very successful season of charity garage sales, which raised more than £3,500, I now have an empty shed and need to restock.

If you have any saleable items such as clothes, shoes, books, bags, bedding, kitchenware etc, I would like to hear from you.

Last year’s sales helped hundreds of animals all over the world. I would love to be able to support the same charities this year and with your help I will be able to. I can be contacted on (01253) 731572.

Sue Ashton

Archers Farm, Peel Road, Blackpool

Praise for cancer unit

Fleetwood future

I was saddened to hear that the oncology unit at the Same Day Health and Wellbeing Centre in Fleetwood is under review.

I have just finished chemotherapy for breast cancer and I had all my treatment at the Fleetwood centre.

I cannot praise the unit enough.

Where I live in Bispham, I am just as close to Fleetwood as I am to Blackpool Victoria Hospital and I chose to go to Fleetwood because I knew it would be the best choice, and I wasn’t wrong.

It is so much more personal and I didn’t feel as though I was at the ‘hospital’ for the treatment.

When you’re faced with cancer, anything which helps to cope with it on an emotional basis is invaluable and that is what the Fleetwood unit did for me.

I really hope funding can be found to let the service continue for years to come.

Mrs A Morris


Get your own house in order

Growing concerns

In reply to ‘Amnesia’ by Paul Siddall (Letters, January 11), the writer sums up at the end of his letter by saying “Would anyone in his right mind sleep easy with Ed Balls in charge of the economy?”

Well, Paul Siddall, the British people are not comfortable with this Conservative government under Cameron.

I always remember a saying my mum and dad used: “Get your own house in order before bothering about other countries”.

I also get annoyed when you keep hearing this excuse: “There is work, go out and find it.” My son has been trying to get a job for a long time after being made redundant. Please, Mr Siddall, come out of cloud cuckoo land.

Name and address supplied

Cosmetics testing ban

Still experimenting?

It’s a staggering reality that many people do not realise that, despite the EU Cosmetics Testing Ban now being in place, multinational companies can continue to test on animals to develop new products to sell outside Europe.

This means consumers’ money spent on products produced by these multinational companies within the EU can still be used to fund animal testing – ban or no ban.

These companies continue to be responsible for a deplorable level of torture and cruelty to innocent animals in order to increase their profits.

So if you want to be sure you are buying cruelty-free products without funding companies who torture innocent animals, visit www.naturewatch.org or send a £4 cheque or postal order payable to Naturewatch for a copy of their Compassionate Shopping Guide to 49 Rodney Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1HX

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue