Letters - February 7, 2013

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I HAVE recently noticed an increasing number of cyclists who appear under the impression that traffic lights do not apply to them.

I have seen them sailing through red lights at junctions a number of times, at considerable risk to themselves.

And the other day I was nearly knocked down at a pelican crossing by a freewheeling cyclist despite the lights being against him and the green man in my favour.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against those who cycle on the roads.

But could some be reminded of the Highway Code?


Prescot Place,


I HAVE just watched ‘Blackpool In The Summer’ on TV.

If people weren’t put off coming to Blackpool before they will be now.

Why don’t they talk to people who have fond memories of Blackpool in the ‘60s when it was a place of magic and excitement.

The shows were fantastic. What stars we had here.

They were family shows, not foul mouthed comedians who should be in back street clubs.

Let’s for goodness sake bring back decent entertainment summer shows.

We have two fantastic theatres. The Grand is beautiful and does its best to bring very good shows here, as for the Opera House, a lick of paint In the theatre wouldn’t go amiss.

After all the work done on the Promenade, Blackpool looks really good and the new tram system is fantastic.

But more should be done in the rest of the town centre, for example Central Drive and Talbot Road.

These are the areas visitors see first when arriving for holidays or day trips.


TWENTY five years ago I leapt onto your TV screens with a big red nose on my face and asked you to part with your hard earned cash to help some people in Africa you’d never met.

Much to my amazement and delight, you did!

The first ever Red Nose Day raised an impressive £15m, thanks to you fine folk sitting on your sofas in the North West.

Over the years Red Nose Day has raised an extraordinary £600m to help fund some amazing projects in Africa, but also right here on your doorstep in the UK.

From young carers to women experiencing domestic violence, from older people living in isolation to families living in extreme poverty – a real difference has been made.

A mahoosive thank you to the people of the North West - keep up the good work!


Comic Relief.