Letters - February 5, 2013

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IN response to ‘Poor Results Need To Be Addressed’ (Letters February 1), may I clarify some of the letter writer’s confused assumptions.

I imagine they have poured over the league tables, and realised Blackpool Education Service has considerable problems to contend with.

Whether they intended it, the conclusions are judgemental and indicate a lack of understanding of our town and its social mores.

Sadly success in education is often benefited by parental income and stability, parental ambition for their children and consistent interest and support for their progress. When all or even some of these advantages are in place, the schools are able to build on a sound foundation.

Instead they often have to provide social as well as educational support, tirelessly and with compassion. To bring independent schools into the equation is unhelpful. This kind of education and family wealth is not available to the vast majority of children, but if these children were in comprehensive schools results would ‘look better’ and the leavening in the classroom would benefit everyone.

Cleverer people than me have long identified the reasons for educational performance in Blackpool and have constantly put measures in place to improve the lot for our young people. May I suggest your correspondent spends some time inside Blackpool schools instead of using statistics to castigate the considerable efforts of pupils, teachers and everyone who contributes to improving them.


Newton Drive


ON behalf of the Friends of Blackpool Lifeboat Station, we would like to say a big thankyou to committee, staff, artists and members of the L.M.S. Loco Club for their help in raising £200 at a recent charity night at the club.

Once again, thank you to 
everyone, it is greatly appreciated.



Friends of Blackpool Lifeboat Station0

I WOULD like to publicly thank the quick acting motorist who retrieved my purse from a thief.

I was returning from Farm Foods on Devonshire Road when the thief came up behind me and took the purse from my shopping bag. As I shouted and tried to run after him, the motorist must have seen what was happening.

He quickly cut the thief off as he tried to cross the road, dived out of his car and managed to snatch the purse back. He was unable to stop the thief running off but he returned the purse to me and, after checking I was OK, he drove away.

I did thank him and called him my angel but I want to stress how very grateful I am.

Another motorist stopped to ask if I was OK and said my hero was called Paul and was a neighbour of hers.

The purse did not contain much cash, but bank cards, bus pass and Blackpool Football Club season ticket would have been hard to replace.

Even though this has been an upsetting experience, it has left me uplifted in the knowledge that there are some lovely, public spirited, kind people in our community.


Empire Grove