Letters - February 4, 2014

A Gazette special investigation Our Lost Generation.
A Gazette special investigation Our Lost Generation.


On the job training

It was sad reading about the lost generation of young people in The Gazette.

In the old days employers were more willing to take on young people with limited education skills. 
Very few young people went to university. 
There was no such things as CVs or applying for jobs via a computer. 
It was face-to-face interviews. 
Today some young people have limited education but many are bright and street-wise probably had a rough upbringing but this was a learning experience to them.
Even my ancestors were given a chance of a trade and signed documents with a X. 
Blacksmiths, farmers, shoemakers, cord winders etc. 
As a volunteer teaching reading and writing skills to adults I had my eyes opened. 
Some of the people were holding down jobs, bringing up families and buying their own homes.
So I think employers today should stop harping on about the limited education skills of young people give them a chance of a job and on-the-job training. 
When a young person goes for an interview just be yourself and be sincere to the employer. 
All we need in the town and surrounding areas are more jobs and trades for young people.

Mrs P O’Connor,

Portland Road


Youth employment


What an inspiration it was to read the story of Nathan Wood and his search for employment. 
Nathan as a child and teenager has obviously had his fair share of instability in his life , but his attitude is what every young person out there needs to take notice of.
It’s easy to keep blaming your outlook on your upbringing. We all know that some people are fortunate to have a fabulous start in life,or wealthy parents who may act as a financial cushion.
But we still have got to have aspiration and face the challenges ahead. We only get one life, and if we just keep feeling sorry for ourselves because of our background it really won’t get you anywhere. 
My mother and father brought five kids up in a two bedroom council house in Oldham, dad always went to work but struggled financially all his life and that made myself more determined to achieve certain goals in my life.
I’ve had many ups and downs and failures , but you just have to dust yourself off and try again. 
If I had a vacancy in my business I would employ Nathan in a shot. 
The glass has to be half full rather than half empty – or progress will always remain stagnant. 
Good luck Nathan I’m sure the future will be rosy for you because of your positivity and determination.

Peter Anthony
Anton’s Cafe-Bar,
Park Road, St. Annes

Emergency services


Reagrding the police vehicle which collided with a bollard on the Promenade (Gazette, February 1), to be absolutely fair, emergency response vehicles are involved in very few accidents nationally considering the challenges they face on a day to day basis. 
I have the upmost respect for the police and all of the emergency services. 
You just never know when you or your loved ones might need urgent assistance in a frightening 999 situation. 
I’m just pleased to read that this accident on the controversial shared road space promenade did not involve and fatalities or serious injury.

Stephen Pierre
Abingdon Street, Blackpool

Jacqui Morley

Good luck

After enjoying for many years the wit and wisdom of Jacqui Morley’s writing, the news that she is leaving the Gazette brings sadness.
However, we wish her all the luck in the future and will be looking forward to any further columns.
Thank you Jacqui for the pleasure your writing has given to us, and so many readers.You will be sorely missed!

Angie and Denise,

Grange Road, Blackpool

Council website

Web praise

I wanted to say something positive about Fylde Council’s website. The dog waste bin at the end of my street had not been emptied since before Christmas and was looking a real mess.
I used the “Chat Now” feature on the council website to report this just before lunch. By the time I walked the dogs at 3pm the bin had been emptied. Admittedly the bin should have been emptied before anyway, but full marks to the council for their rapid reaction to my complaint.

Brian Watson

St Annes