Letters - February 27, 2012

Comedian Frank Carson on North Pier, Blackpool, where he is headlining the summer show.'seaside stars
Comedian Frank Carson on North Pier, Blackpool, where he is headlining the summer show.'seaside stars

A BIT of old Blackpool has gone.

I am sad, as my memories of Frank Carson are of frequently being in the booking office at Blackpool North Station over the last few years waiting to buy tickets while he had us and the staff in stitches of laughter.

He was doing a lot of after dinner speaking, and used to catch the early 6.19 train to Preston, again where he had us laughing.

But he did sometimes talk about his brand of humour and his dismay at the over use of bad language. I was pleased to sort of know him in the last few years. He was just a really nice guy.


Valentia Road


I WAS interested to read about the positive events taking place in the region for National Apprenticeship Week.

With a decline in employment forecast for the construction industry this year, as outlined in the findings of our recent Construction Skills Network report, there is a real danger we will not have the skills needed to complete major projects in the longer term.

It is therefore vital that we use events such as National Apprenticeship Week to help bring new and diverse talent into the sector.

Initiatives with schools across the region that were held during the week are a great way to showcase the varied careers that the construction industry has to offer.

CITB-Construction-Skills is working hard to attract new talent into construction and to inform young people about the career opportunities and variety the sector offers.

There is still investment in significant projects across the region which will help stimulate growth, so National Apprenticeship Week adds value to the work being done to secure the recovery of the sector.


Regional development manager

CITB-ConstructionSkills in the North West

A FEW years ago we asked your readers to help Cat Rescue by donating any wool they had to spare and we had a magnificent response.

This time we are hoping a few kind ladies will offer to knit for us and others to donate wool.

We want to make knitted scarves in the shape of cats, a bit like the dreadful old photos showing ladies wearing fox capes.

We need double knitting wool in grey, white, ginger and black.

The aim is to sell them to raise money for our resident cats and kittens and to help towards the vet bills etc.

Any spare wool will be used for woolly blankets for each cat that leaves us, so they can take his or her own blanket with them to help them settle in their new home.


Cat Rescue

South Moss Road

St Annes

(01253) 720357

I AM writing this in the hope the man concerned reads it.

My son Gary is in a wheelchair and is one of Blackpool’s biggest football fans.

While watching a game he dropped his phone. I rang his phone and a man answered, and I said ‘good, you have found my son’s mobile’.

The phone went dead, and my son and I both left messages with our address so he could return it but to no avail.

He has not returned it – what a mean person. He must have no conscience at all.


Condor Grove


I ATTENDED The Grand Theatre for Whittakers Diamond Show.

What a brilliant night it was – all the big smiles and happy feet from the youngest to the recycled teenagers made it a real feel-good show.

Thanks to Mrs Ganley and his family. Please, keep on dancing.

As for the Grand Theatre, what a Blackpool treasure it is.


Preston New Road


STAFF and volunteers of Supporting Our Brave, the community interest company which looks after the interests of HM Armed Forces, their families and the veteran community, would like to express their thanks to management, staff and shoppers of Asda for their generosity in raising £535 on Friday, February 17.

Volunteers were on hand at the store to give information about projects that benefit the veteran community in the Fylde coast area.

Special thanks to Cath McGibbin from Asda and Kevin from security, himself a veteran.


Supporting Our Brave

Bank Hey Street