Letters - February 25, 2014

'ENORMOUS CARBUNCLE' Reader David Slattery-Christy suggests a building depicted in this artist's impression would look out of place on Blackpool Promenade
'ENORMOUS CARBUNCLE' Reader David Slattery-Christy suggests a building depicted in this artist's impression would look out of place on Blackpool Promenade

Central station site


It was great to hear the Prime Minster’s positive remarks about the availability of casino licences as a potential key to getting the old Central Station site redeveloped (Gazette, February 22).

But please don’t let this Labour Council get its hands on this fantastic opportunity and mess it up.

I have been stating for some years now that the site is perfect for a multi-purpose arena and conference centre with hotel and direct road and rail links into the complex via Preston.

It would be terrific to have this in the shadow of the famous Blackpool Tower.

The architectural design of this should reflect the history of the site and town, and also compliment itself with adjacent iconic buildings such as the Tower, not sit at odds with them.

The artist’s impression, featured in your article, of some futuristic space-age monstrosity would look like an enormous carbuncle on the Promenade.

Modern and functional doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

Blackpool needs a future and a new council - the sooner the better!

David Slattery-Christy

Address supplied

I remember the campaign last time for the supercasino.

Many of us had visions of the supercasino in Blackpool and felt it was rightly ours.

But the dream was shattered and many people were disappointed.

The supercasino went to Manchester, a world class city and a cool place to live.

The Government was more interested in the cities and poured billions into them.

Manchester and Liverpool were the Government’s 
favourite cities, while towns like Blackpool were left to become run-down.

I hope there will be other great ideas to regenerate the town but councillors should not become fixated with casinos again.

The hand of fate turns the wheel of chance and Blackpool’s chances of winning another supercasino are slim. We learned that from the last campaign.

The powers that be should find other great ideas of regenerating Blackpool. By getting more businesses and jobs into the town, people will have more money to spend in the shops.

We also need more entertainment in the town.

It’s about time Blackpool came out fighting and moved away from living in the shadows of the cities.

Mrs P. O’Connor

Portland Road


By-election result


Chris Moncrieff reports that the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, ‘ has pointed out , only three weeks ago his party had no presence whatsoever in this constituency (Wythenshawe & Sale East) and had never fought it’ (Gazette, February 18).

It should come as no surprise that Farage is either ignorant of the facts or economical with truth or both.

At the General Election in 2010 Chris Cassidy stood in this seat for UKIP and polled 1,405 votes.

What can really be deduced from this result?

The one inarguable fact is that some 17,000 people who voted in 2010 didn’t bother this time.

Around 15,000 voters deserted the Government parties of Conservatives and LibDems , and it would be silly to pretend that was not a bad result for them.

Approximately 900 deserted the BNP.

Did the BNP deserters vote and, if so, who for, one might wonder?

Against that background, for UKIP to only pick up fewer than 3,000 extra votes, given all their noise, effort and hype is not terribly impressive.

Mike Turner

Saltcotes Road


Blame tram move on cuts

Free travel

One of my favourite things about Fleetwood is our trams, which make Fleetwood an attractive destination to visitors.

Local businesses were patient during the upgrade work and now it is time they should be making the most of visitors returning to the town on our new trams.

Blackpool Council’s decision to withdraw £700,000 subsidy from pensioners visiting from outside Blackpool was taken in light of the huge £36m cuts they have to make over the next two years.

These cuts were forced upon them from the Tory-led government.

So, if our local MP hadn’t voted for these unfair cuts, which have hit councils in the North harder than in the Home Counties, we would still be looking to welcome pensioner visitors to our town using free travel.

Cat Smith

Labour’s Parliamentary
Candidate for Lancaster and Fleetwood

Getting shirty!

Good cause

I hope lots of people support Craig Daniels in his charity quest (Gazette, February 22).

Collecting unwanted football shirts to send to children 
living in poor areas of Brazil is a great idea since most clubs change their strip every season.