Letters - February 25, 2013

Blackpool Town Hall.
Blackpool Town Hall.

BLACKPOOL is struggling to keep its head above water as the economy continues to flatline.

More job losses and frozen wages are pushing loyal workers left in work into debt.  

While Blackpool public sector workers have loyally supported the council and have helped the council for the past two years by taking unpaid leave, thus making savings of £2.8m, they can no longer sustain wage freezes or unpaid leave.

With those in more fortunate financial positions, surely it is time now to bring in a mansion tax, and give those who have born the heaviest burden to have some respite from supporting the rich.

Workers’ sacrificing their wages is commendable, but the time has come for the better healed to step up and make some financial contribution.

The money raised would then be used to help lower paid workers by the re-introduction of the 10p tax rate.

Low paid workers of whom Blackpool has so many, in our low waged tourist industry, will be helped.

With a third of Blackpool’s children now living below the poverty line, it is time to redress the balance

We need a vote in the House of Commons now to start the pay back process so the poorest in Blackpool and the rest of the country can see that we are all in it together.

Please write to your MPs to demand they vote in favour of a mansion tax.

I hope Paul Maynard and Gordon Marsden will push for a vote on a mansion tax and vote in favour.


Knowle Avenue


APPARENTLY there is now a laser that can show the origin of honey, or even if it is actually honey.

It was developed for experiments on Mars.

Does it work on ultra-fine filtered honey?

This is a problem that I’ve raised with bee-keepers in the USA.

A lot of the Chinese honey is ultra-fine filtered to remove even the minutest particles.

If there are no particles, its origin cannot be traced.

Also, a lot of USA honey is also ultra-fine filtered by the distributors.

They say the USA public want ‘clear’ honey.

I can’t find out what happens to the stuff that is filtered off.

There should be a paper trail showing its use or destruction.

My worry is it can be used to mix with the ultra-fine filtered Chinese honey and so giving it a false USA origin.

Of course, the same could be happening in Europe, is ultra-fine filtering common? Does anyone know?


First Avenue


THE unions are right about unpaid leave for the Blackpool council staff (Gazette February 21).

Councillors should be setting an example to the council staff and take a cut in their expenses. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Should they not be looking at cutbacks in their positions too?


Lytham Road


I VISITED Blackpool Pleasure Beach with my children and we had a fantastic time.

I had warned the kids there would be plenty of queueing and they took it stoically.

What they could not handle was people with different tickets which allowed them to get onto the ride without queueing at all.

I thought we British prided ourselves on being able to queue? Who hasn’t felt smugly patriotic witnessing the chaos of a Spanish bus stop?

The queue shows that we’re all equal and live in a fair society. We all get our turn.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has revealed that it’s mugs who stand in queues and it’s OK for people to jump them.

When did Blackpool Pleasure Beach start operating a system where the majority of customers are second-class citizens?

Aren’t their normal tickets expensive enough without charging £20 extra for the queue-jump ticket?

Was I wrong to spend 10 years teaching my children to queue politely and wait their turn when companies think it’s OK to encourage people to push in?

Next time you hear complaints of Britain’s moral decline, don’t forget that it seems to come from the top.



Editor’s Note: A spokesman for Blackpool Pleasure Beach said: “Blackpool Pleasure Beach operates a Speedy Pass system which guests can purchase for an additional charge from £10 per person and allows them access to 18 rides at a specified time through a dedicated entrance.

“Fast passes or virtual queuing systems are common practice in theme and amusement parks across the globe.

“Due to the intensity of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s rides if there is a queue for a ride you are only a matter of minutes from being able to experience another ride instead and can return to that ride later.

“Our policy is the satisfaction and enjoyment of our guests and a limited number of Speedy Passes are sold for each day to carefully manage this.”