Letters - February 21

Winter Gardens restoration. The Rotunda and dome.
Winter Gardens restoration. The Rotunda and dome.
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NOT wishing to rain on anyone’s parade, but in all the euphoria about the refurbishment and restoration of the Winter Gardens complex with our money, something important has been overlooked.

Over 20 years, more than £20m, at the rate of not less than £1m per year, of our money, was paid in a subsidy by the council to two private companies to maintain, repair and refurbish the complex.

First Leisure was the original recipient of millions of pounds, and latterly Leisure Parcs.

Is no-one going to ask officially where that money went? Was it just outright gifts?

Was it for specific work?

If so, clearly it wasn’t used for the purposes intended.

Are we going to ask for our money back?


Church Street


HAVING seen the transformation of our fantastic Winter Gardens/Opera House complex, I have to say that I take my hat off to all concerned.

Also it’s refreshing to see that, for a change, the main contractors are a well-known and old established local firm, whose dedicated workforce are proving that our building craftsmen are the equal to most.

The results so far are very encouraging, and I can’t wait to see the whole project completed.

The result will surely put this magnificent venue back where it belongs – right at the top of the entertainment/conference tree, and pulling in the missing punters.

Makes one wonder just where all the millions given by the council to the previous owners were spent. Apparently not on maintaining the buildings, it would appear.


Lincoln Road


WELL done Blackpool Council for arranging the cancellation of the idiotic plans for the roundabout, albeit on the edge of Blackpool territory.

But where was Wyre Council, whose residents are much more affected by anything to do with the A585, on this issue?

Answer – continuing its usual position of denial of the problems with this road – with complete silence.


Lawsons Road

TRYING to get around Blackpool and other parts of the Fylde coast is a bit like dropping in on the filming of TV’s Time Team programme, with holes dug everywhere.

You find another Carleton Elk, Roman remains or an intriguing section of a stone circle.

But you won’t hear presenter Tony Robinson’s enthusiastic tones.

What you will see is a mad dash to use up budget resources before the end of the financial year.

With all the cutbacks and less money in the public pot (funded by all of us) it could be a different story this time next year.


South Shore