Letters - February 2, 2014

OFFERING HELP Carmen Conquer and her colleagues at Aspired Futures help troubled young people
OFFERING HELP Carmen Conquer and her colleagues at Aspired Futures help troubled young people
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best way forward


Carmen Conquer wrote an excellent piece in a recent edition of the Gazette (Live Wire January 31).

I am full of admiration for the work of Aspired Futures which she leads.

Aspired Futures helps many of our most needy children and young people.

No matter how difficult and destructive they may be, we should remember that they are the victims of a society which has let them down.

We are shamed when we discover children who do not have the loving and stable environment they deserve.

As chairman of Social Enterprise Solutions CIC, I was interested in Carmen’s comments on the most appropriate legal structure for organisations like hers.

The choices can be complex.

If the main sources of income are donations and grants, then charitable status might be best, though the Charity Commission rightly imposes strict regulation.

Alternatively, if the main source of income is from trading, then a social enterprise might be better.

Though Community Interest Companies are one model for social enterprise, there are others such as a charity with a separate trading arm.

The diminution of grants and donations in austerity Britain makes sustainability through trading more attractive, hence the rapid growth of social enterprise across the UK.

Social enterprises in Blackpool include several housing associations, the Credit Union, Spiral Health and many more.

They share the aspiration to make a profit for a social or environmental purpose.

We are entering a future where fewer services will be provided by local authorities and other state organisations.

Increasingly, charities and social enterprises will fill the gap.

The organisations operating across Blackpool and the Fylde do a great job, and we need even more.

Help is available at Social Enterprise Solutions, the Council for Voluntary Service and OneBlackpool.

Clive Hirst

Social Enterprise Solutions (UK) CIC

Enterprise Centre Lytham Road


Parking ticket woe


Last week my good lady received a fixed penalty ticket for parking in a residents’ bay on Cumberland Avenue.

As she is a community district nurse she has a permit for parking clearly visible in the windscreen of her car.

I agree that if she abuses the permit for shopping etc, then she pays the due fine.

But to fine someone who is tending poorly and terminally ill patients, I consider this action to be bang out of order.

It makes me wonder when applying for a position with the council, two qualifications are overlooked, they are discretion and common sense.

My good lady has also had a fixed penalty issued at the health centre on Whitegate Drive.

They expect her and her colleagues to park at Stanley Park and walk down Woodland Grove to Whitegate Drive several times a day, carrying 
heavy bags and equipment.

Given the time of the 
year, recent weather conditions and girls that have been attacked in that area, it’s down right dangerous!

(by email)

Work to improve station


Having read the article on Blackpool South Station, I 
was disappointed the work which has been going on for about three years was not mentioned.

Blackpool South Station is testimony to the hard work that people from Blackpool Council often put in to support residents in improving Blackpool’s environment.

A Blackpool South Station working group, consisting of both local councillors (with the support of Bloomfield ward councillors as well), representatives of Northern trains, Network Rail and Blackpool Council workers, supported by local businesses meet periodically.

So far we have provided planters and paid for landscaping which will hopefully be completed in the near future.

Also the steps down to the station have been refurbished thanks to Blackpool Neighbourhood Services and funds provided by the ward councillors.

Thanks to the people from Blackpool Council and the co-operation of the people involved on these improvements, much progress has been made at Blackpool South Railway Station.

Work is constantly being done to keep litter at bay.

Coun David O’Hara

Waterloo Ward Councillor

Watson Road