Letters - February 19, 2014

Disruption in Fleetwood during work to upgrade the tram tracks.
Disruption in Fleetwood during work to upgrade the tram tracks.
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No more free tram travel


When we traders in Fleetwood had to put up with three years of total destruction of our town centre with some traders going out of business because of the tram track construction , we were fed none-stop promises of ‘it will be worth it when we are finished’.

Well it seems all the worry and heartache we all went through in Fleetwood now amounts to nothing as Blackpool Council wants to charge our pensioners to now ride the trams (Gazette February 17).

They also want to bring this charge on some of our pensioner customers from out of town .

We are confused how stopping the pensioner’s concession will save £700,000.

Surely the trams run to a timetable whether they are empty or full and, if pensioners can’t use the service, where is Blackpool Council going to get the full fare paying passengers from to replace the pensioners between 9am and 4pm ?

Can someone explain this logic to us all please.

Blackpool Council is reneging on the promises made to the traders of Fleetwood and the pensioners of our town , and this proposal is totally and morally unjustified .

We would ask for our MP Eric Ollerenshaw and MPs from Blackpool to look at this problem in depth please , as it affects a lot of people from all walks of life in different ways on the Fylde Coast.

Steve Lynton

Granada Fish Bar


I have just read with interest the article about the proposal to axe free tram travel for anyone living outside Blackpool.

Would Coun Blackburn please explain how the savings figure is arrived at as it smacks of creative accounting.

I assume the £700,000 saving is arrived at by taking all the ‘outsiders’ tickets and how much the council has to pay the tram company for these.

If this is the case then the council would save £700,000 by axing them but on the other hand the tram company would lose £700,000.

To redeem this loss the tram company would either have to increase fares or cut services. Either way the locals would suffer.

By the way doesn’t Blackpool Council own the tram company?

L. Ince

Bentinck Avenue


Can someone explain how Blackpool Council will save £700,000 by the withdrawal of free travel for over 60s on the trams for residents outside Blackpool.

What additional costs are there for carrying non-paying passengers, that will be saved or is the £700,000 of lost revenue these people would be paying?

In which case should they decide to stop using the trams, if this proposal is implemented, then there are no savings just an alienation of these people and a potential loss of customers for Blackpool businesses.

I look forward to seeing more detail behind this proposal.

Robert Arrand


PM’s visit to Blackpool


How kind of our Johnny come lately Prime Minister to reiterate that ‘money would be no object’ to the cost of cleaning up after the recent disastrous storms during his brief PR visit to the Fylde!

Does this mean his government’s plans to slash thousands of jobs in the Environment Agency, emergency services, and armed forces, will now be cancelled?

I very much doubt it.

Since his government came to power all of these services have suffered massive cuts on the altar of a right-wing, Tory, small state ideology.

Cuts so far include 10,540 frontline police officers, 3,700 front line fire-fighters, and 1,300 fire service support staff; and more cuts in those services are planned.

Resilience to disaster is also weakened by massive cuts to local government budgets made by central government.

In addition Chancellor Osborne has announced plans to slash most government department budgets by a massive 25 per cent if the Tories win the next general election.

The cuts will see the Army slashed by 20,000 posts and will have a devastating effect on the ability of our country to deal with major crises, such as the current one, that are predicted to increase as the effects of global warming take hold.

If Cameron is serious about ensuring national resilience he needs to steer his government into radically different policies.

I suggest you do not hold your breath.

James Sorah

Publicity officer

Blackpool Against
the Cuts

Bankers bonuses

A mockery

Regarding Lloyds Bank.

The bankers are still at it,
the Government in their wisdom spent billions to bail out this bank and the top man is now paying himself a £1.7m bonus.

I would suggest no more bonuses till our monies are paid back.

This makes a mockery of the austerity measures and must stop.

Who are these people,
they are a law unto themselves.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace