Letters - February 14, 2014

Blackpool Town Hall.
Blackpool Town Hall.
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Civic memories


I have read with interest all the letters regarding the town hall and the memories all these people have with the place .

I originally come from Barnsley but I still have family there so visit quite often.

Their town hall is a marvellous building and a lot bigger than the one here in Blackpool so the maintenance and upkeep has probably caused quite a few headaches in the past.

However, the council has done the most fantastic job in that they applied for Lottery funding and the town hall has now been restored beautifully back to its original state.

They have also within the building created a museum with the title ‘The Town and Its People’.

You can spend a good half day in there to see all what’s on offer and guess what, it is free to go in.

Next to it is a lovely café reasonably priced .

What this has also created is jobs as people have been employed to act as guides and to answer any questions people may ask.

I asked one of the ladies if it would be possible to see the photographs of past mayors as I am researching my family tree and the 1912 mayor features in my tree.

No problem, she said, and took us up to see all the photographs.

This has all been done by the Labour Council in Barnsley so I am sure that if the ones we have in power here were to visit and find out how it has all been done they will be made most welcome.

By the way, if they do decide to go they need to go any Saturday or Sunday or any bank holiday as parking in the town centre is free then.

Parking in Blackpool is free when ?

Err...oh yes Thursday nights in the run up to Christmas.

Mrs D. McDonald



Supporting carers


The very nature of caring – of being there for a loved one facing ill health or disability – means so often people don’t at first, or sometimes ever, identify themselves as carers.

But without the right help and support caring can have a devastating impact – carers can quickly become cut off with their physical and emotional health, work and finances all hit hard.

Caring for those who are older, disabled or seriously ill is without doubt a huge and growing social issue.

My sister and I cared for our mother when she had Alzheimer’s and so I know first-hand the impact that caring can have on someone’s life.

I believe we can all play a part in helping improve the lives of those who take on a caring role. That is why I am supporting the Carers Week Quest in 2014

The Carers Week Quest is an important new initiative aiming to reach out to the thousands of carers in the UK missing out on support and services that can help them with their caring role.

I urge your readers to sign up today and start thinking how they can make a difference and connect with those in their communities who are caring.

To find out how you can join in and help carers visit www.carersweek.org

Lynda Bellingham


Sparkling show


I felt I must write to congratulate The Dance Place.

Their Celebratory Dance Sparkle show is being held at The Horseshoe Showbar until Saturday, celebrating 30 years of teaching children to dance.

I saw the show on Wednesday night (yes I did venture out in the awful windy weather!) .

So did 200 children and students with their families who should be congratulated.

Despite having to move changing rooms due to weather safety fears, the dancers performed fantastic slick routines, undertaking fast costume changes along with the help no doubt of lots of mums and helpers behind the scenes.

Front of house was a fabulous warm feel good atmosphere, making me forget the weather outside, all in all an amazing night!

Well done to Miss Lian and Ian and all the crew. You have truly inspired all your students. I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm of the whole show.

Karen Pennington

St Martins Road


Beach clean up volunteers

Well done

I regularly walk along the beach and the sandhills

between the lake and the St Annes car park.

After the high tides recently there was lots of rubbish both on the shore and the sandhills.

A week last Wednesday, I was there about lunchtime and the beach had been cleaned by the voluntary team who do this job every Wednesday.

It looked really nice and they had collected close to 50 bags full.

This week they have cleaned the sandhills, and, apart from the parts that have been washed away, it is pristine again!

They are owed a great big thankyou.

Pat Rylatt

Cambridge Road,

St Annes