Letters - December 6, 2013

Streetlife, Buchanan Street, Blackpool.
Streetlife, Buchanan Street, Blackpool.
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Streetlife charity


On behalf of the young vulnerable people who use the services of Streelife I would like to offer heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful people who have made Harvest and other donations.

Once again the generosity of churches, schools, organisations and individuals has been amazing and will enable us to give warm clothes and food to those young people in need.

This year in addition to our normal food distribution, we can give a Christmas hamper to all the young people using our service at Christmas, we will be having a Christmas party and giving gifts to young people who are in the shelter on Christmas Day.

Some people have expressed concern we may have to close because of the issues recently reported in The Gazette.

May we reassure people that Blackpool Council and Streetlife are working together to resolve the issues and we are confident there will be a positive outcome.

Tony Riley

The Streetlife Trust

Buchanan St.


New council house rules

Right move?

The principle of wanting to filter the bad elements from entering Blackpool is, of course, commendable (Gazette December 3).

But once again, Blackpool Council, of landlord licence infamy, has blundered again when attempting to cure the anti-social problem.

For illustration, if there is say, one person or family in 10 of an undesirable nature, then this policy aims to block 10 people/families from settling here in order to stop the one undesirable from entering.

It is inclined to stagnate movement of people which itself is the very last thing Blackpool wants.

I have to question just how many of the councillors and officers who supported this move actually have their permanent residence within Blackpool boundaries themselves and indeed how long?

These new rules don’t touch the existing bad elements that have plagued the community for more than three years and presumably will be thought of more highly than a new but decent person wanting to take up here.

Blackpool by its nature is a migratory town because it is seasonal .

It set down aims to make the economy 365 days a year in order to raise its standing on the national stage and improve its internal economy.

Blackpool is a magnet for undesirables because it is consistently managed badly.

The council is in its element judging and condemming crippled private businesses, yet squanders money on a host of pointless non-investment projects and then complains they have to make further savings of ££36m with 700 job cuts.

Chris Wiseman

South Shore

Memories of Richard


I, too, along with Mike Picewicz (‘A Friend’, Letters December 2) and, I am sure, many of your readers, was saddened to learn that Richard Hook, a frequent contributor to Gazette letters, had died.

In the 1970s and 1980s particularly I often felt I should challenge his mainly right-wing views on political issues, but his letters were so tightly researched that I was invariably unable to find the time to do so. (And occasionally, I have to admit, I had to concede – privately! – that he was right!)

Consequently, I can’t recall either of us ever writing a letter opposing the other’s opinions.

I think the best accolade I can award Richard is the one I would most like to receive: he was a seeker of the truth who often reached his goal.

Bernard Fawl



Laundry is a great help

Great staff

Many thanks to Viking Laundry on Station Road, Blackpool. They have made my life easier by collecting my laundry. When they return it, it goes straight upstairs.

As I am confined to a wheelchair round the clock, this service has made things a lot better for me.

Many thanks to all the staff .


Drakelowe Avenue

South Shore

Fancy dress mistake


How daft can people be?

We were at a holiday camp 
in Sussex, and there was a
 fancy dress dance.

One man couldn’t believe they wouldn’t let him in dressed as a very authentic terrorist with a black mask with holes for the eyes, a black and white scarf wrapped round his head, black clothes, a stab vest covered in sticks of dynamite(very real looking) plus a mobile phone.

He stood arguing until security came to evict hime.

There were more than 2,000 people in the venue.

It is anybody’s guess what could have happened if people had seen him and panic had broken out.

Mary Flinders

Annan Crescent