Letters - December 4, 2013

Layton Christmas lights
Layton Christmas lights
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No festive tree for us


It has always struck me as odd that Whitegate Drive, in spite of always being a thriving shopping thoroughfare, never gets any Christmas decoration or even a Christmas tree 
during the festive season like other wards.

Earlier in the year I contacted the councillors responsible for Talbot and Brunswick wards requesting that this year we have a tree at the junction of Forest Gate, Mere Road and Whitegate Drive.

The councillor for Talbot Ward, Sarah Riding, said she would organise a Christmas tree and pay for it from the ward budgets.

This week I asked when the tree would be put in place, only to be told that it had not been ordered and we wouldn’t be having one after all. The cost of £1,500 plus being too prohibitive.

Aside from why the council pays so much money for a Christmas tree, if we had been informed earlier than this eleventh hour we could have raised some funds ourselves towards it.

Many people are disappointed, and were looking forward to a festive tree.

David Slattery-Christy

Whitegate Community Group

Coun Norman hardy


My husband, Coun Norman Edward Hardy, was treated by paramedics, ambulance staff, emergency department staff and surgical assessment unit staff of Blackpool Victoria Hospital on the evening of Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

The care he received was second-to-none, and the care and compassion shown to myself and other close family members was exemplary.

Unfortunately, the outcome for my husband was fatal, but in the hours leading up to his death, he was made comfortable, and this enabled him to die with dignity.

The medical staff worked tirelessly to keep us informed of the developments leading to my husband’s death, and
no question felt too silly to
ask. All too often, staff at the hospital are slated for not having enough time to
care, but this was not the
case on this particular evening.

I would like my thanks to go on record for their professionalism and care towards my husband.

It is an evening I will never be able to forget

But likewise I will never forget their attention to 
detail and dedication to ensuring my husband was pain-free in his final hours.



Trying to trace relatives

Air tragedy

The Airfield Construction Branch Association is endeavouring to locate living relatives of airmen who lost their lives on active service at RAF Ashford, Kent, on May 22 1944 when a German Bomber dropped a 1000lb bomb on the construction camp.

There were 14 fatalities, and a further six fatalities occured later.

All these airmen were volunteer reservists attached to 5003 Squadron.

One of these airmen came from Blackpool.

His details are – Kersh, Hyman. Aircraftman 1st class, 1440746.

He was aged 36.

Son of Samuel and Rebecca Kersch. Husband of Alice Margaret Kersh of South Shore, Blackpool.

Buried at East Ham (Jewish Cemetery) 
Marlow Road, London, 
E6 3QG.

Grave ref: Block U, Grave 11.

The memorial service will be held on August 4 2014 in the parish church, St Mary, Great Chart, Ashford, Kent, followed by a service at the war memorial where relatives of the men lost will be invited to enact the unveiling of the remembrance plaques.

We are trying to locate living relatives of these young men who gave their lives in order that we may live in peace.

I can be contacted at geoffreychesherbrazier129@yahoo.co.uk or (01227) 370606.

G. Chesher-Brazier

Herne Bay


Physiotherapy is missed

No choice

I have attended Royal Preston Hospital for several years for physiotherapy. With the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) replacing the North Lancs PCT (Primary Care Trust), and living in Fylde, I am now not allowed to go there for physiotherapy treatment.

This is not good enough. There are other people in the Fylde rural area that are in the same position as I am, and there are no facilities in Fylde to meet our needs.

I need to go to Royal Preston as the physiotherapists there are spinal assessment trained.

I sustained a back injury and have now got a chronic bad back. They have done very well for me at RPH.

What about patient choice? The reason why they won’t treat me in physio at Preston is they have not been commissioned to take patients from Fylde.

I am now retired and what a way to treat the elderly.

I urge other people who are having this problem to write to their MP.

What a way to treat people. I lay the blame at the doors of Westminster.

Vernon Allen