Letters - December 3, 2013

AUTOMATIC SHUTTER The entrance to Talbot Road car park
AUTOMATIC SHUTTER The entrance to Talbot Road car park
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Talbot road multi-storey

Lost Cash

“We’ve got no money” is the phrase regularly trotted out by the council but I wonder if the residents of Blackpool actually have much sympathy when it
feels like money is regularly wasted or as in this case income streams 
poorly managed.

Recently the regenerated Talbot Road Car Park has been opened to the usual fanfare and claims of boosting the local shops, big signs all round saying ‘car park open’ but it seems there is a major problem.

The entrance has been poorly designed and implemented leaving people wondering just where the entrance actually is.

It’s an automatic shutter that opens when a car approaches but being flush to the building side is hardly obvious and very easy to drive past without noticing it.

In fact the signage is dreadful altogether, there is also no white arrow on the road, the wording showing the charges is far too small, and does it clearly say ‘Entrance’ above the entrance? You’ve guessed it, no it doesn’t

The end result is probably hundreds of pounds a day of income being lost, maybe thousands a week.

I think we can expect that large sums of money have been paid to consultants and work approved by the council for this latest blunder.

Someone has realised the blunder and placed a small red ‘car park open sign’ near the entrance which itself looks dreadful as it is severely bent.

It doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence when the basics can’t be done properly.

J. Garnham


Letting youngsters down

Aids fears

On World Aids Day UNICEF’s new report on Children and Aids reveals the stark truth that we are letting young people down around the world.

Aids-related deaths among adolescents are on the rise, increasing by a staggering 50 per cent between 2005 and 2012.

Every single death from Aids is a tragedy and adolescents are too often overlooked in the response to HIV.

Discrimination, poverty, inequalities and harsh laws can make it tough for them to seek and receive testing, health care and support.

This is in deep contrast to the good news that new infections in children are falling, with huge progress made in reducing mother-to-child transmissions of HIV.

Indeed, between 2005 and 2012, more than 850,000 children whose mothers were living with HIV avoided being born with the virus.

While positive strides have certainly been made in the fight against Aids, we cannot afford to think the battle is yet won.

However, if we continue to commit to scaled up resources, political will and support for young people and mothers, one day they could ensure an Aids-free generation becomes a reality.

David Bull

Executive Director


Blackpool sauna row

Leave alone

It is becoming clear the
objection to the operation of the Blackpool Connections Sauna on Egerton Road (Gazette, November 26) is biased since the sauna became mixed gender.

There were not objections before when it was a male gay sauna. So who is against women? It is the same old moralists who oppose lap dancing?

No real objections have been found against the sauna, in fact eight letters supporting it have been sent to the boss Chris Maher.

It is about time the moralists minded their own business and let adult people have their human rights restored and not be lectured .

C. Victor de-Nagy

Gill Court


Sign welfare petition


Time is running out to sign a petition urging the
government to deliver a new deal for sick and disabled people.

The War On Welfare petition is a campaign started by sick and disabled people, and carers, to fight back against the continual cuts to social security.

It is led by actress and
comedian Francesca Martinez, who also launched campaign body, The People’s Assembly.

The petition has to get 100,000 signatures on the government’s e-petition website by December 12 to be considered for a Commons debate.

We have already passed the 99,000 mark therefore, in a final push, we only need less than 1,000,however, the more the merrier.

I ask you all to sign the petition at wowpetition.com or www.epititions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/43154

The War on Welfare petition is for all progressive people and organisations fighting austerity.

The 99 per cent know that we are not all in this together and we can see a real alternative.

Quite simply – we all do
better when we work
together and together, we can make a difference and achieve change.

Garry Richardson

Catterall Close