Letters - December 21

Picture Martin Bostock.'The new wedding chapel on Blackpool Promeande.
Picture Martin Bostock.'The new wedding chapel on Blackpool Promeande.
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I ABSOLUTELY and enthusiastically agree with the comments made by previous correspondents to the effect that they consider the new Wedding Chapel to be a monstrosity.

I really cannot imagine how the “powers that be” who were presumably the planning committee could even for a moment have looked favourably upon the plan of this eyesore and blot on the landscape.

It beggars belief that any well-balanced person could approve or allow the construction of such an ugly building in such a prominent position no matter what the intended function of that building might be.

To use such a monstrosity as a wedding chapel is even more absurd.

It is difficult to envisage a building less suited than this one to be put to that use.

The sooner it is demolished and replaced with a more suitable and sympathetic building the better I will be pleased.


PROGRESS breeds fear among the masses – look at the reaction to the wedding chapel and the new layout of the Prom.

Readers scream it’s a death trap.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Drivers have to look twice as hard at the road layout – as do pedestrians – making everyone involved in the shared space far more conscientious of their whereabouts, direction and speed.

It’s like German town Bohmte in 1998 – it scrapped all traffic lights, declaring all roads shared space.

The result?

A resounding success with an accident rate way below anything they’d ever seen before.

Please Gazette readers, don’t use words like death trap when not even an injury has occurred – it’s scaremongering, downright untrue, and shows a sign of ignorance.

Chris Parker

Preston Road


DESPITE listening to landlord representatives, once again Blackpool Council implement another costly scheme.

When will anyone realise that the good landlords are again paying for the policing of bad landlords and tenants.

Anti-social behaviour is not restricted to private rental property although there are some areas that do attract long-term benefit claimants and their so called “mates” who do just as they like and quickly reduce the standards of properties and indeed areas.

Why not implement charges and fines for these people, or the rogue landlords and stop penalizing those of us who look after our properties.

Deborah Kinsey


I APPLAUD Blackpool Council for its decision to impose tighter controls on the resort’s landlords.

The town has too many ‘slum landlords’ as I recall the horrors of many houses in our town in disrepair, when I was managing the first free legal action centre in Lancashire in the ‘90s.

Registration and regular inspections are vital in curbing the way some landlords will leave tenants living in the most unhealthy conditions.

With cuts in Legal Aid, tenants have fewer remedies to take legal action so councils are right in bringing in tighter controls to protect people living in rented homes.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue