Letters - December 18, 2013

KEEP IT Reader Karen Pennington urges the council not to lift the current restriction on heavy goods vehicles that is in place on Blackpool's Yeadon Way - a main thoroughfare for tourists into Blackpool
KEEP IT Reader Karen Pennington urges the council not to lift the current restriction on heavy goods vehicles that is in place on Blackpool's Yeadon Way - a main thoroughfare for tourists into Blackpool
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Yeadon Way upgrade


While I am pleased to read about the proposed road improved for the main tourist route into Blackpool (Gazette December 13), I would not want to see the council remove the restriction on heavy goods vehicles using this road.

Yeadon Way and Seasiders Way are both primary routes for locals and tourists to access the town centre.

But it must be remembered that as such they are only single lane roads each way and quite narrow in places.

Imagine if there was an accident involving any HGV and other vehicles, the carnage that could develop would be inconceivable!

Improve the road, as soon as possible out of season but please keep this road a primary tourist route to keep the traffic flowing in and out of the town.

Karen Pennington

St Martins Road


Residents parking


Reader Gemma Jackson (Letters December 14) will be pleased to learn that Wyre Council will be retaining the resident parking permit scheme until at least 2016.

A task group of councillors looked at possible alternatives but the cabinet decided to keep the permit scheme until the arrangements with Booths, for three hours free parking, are operational at both Windsor Road, Garstang, and at the Teanlowe when their new store opens in Poulton, which is expected in 2016.

The council will then be able to evaluate the effects of these arrangements on car park usage and decide future policy in relation to resident parking permits.

The views of residents will be important in developing proposals that are fair to both council tax payers and car park users and encourage shoppers into our town centres.

Coun Roger Berry

Cabinet member for car
parking at Wyre Council

Sit down please!


I know how Mrs Henderson (Letters December 14) feels. My friend and I had the same experience when going to see The Osmonds.

We also complained to be told this is what happens,so we will never go again to see groups.

We don’t get this with
Michael Ball or Alfie Boe.

We also go to the theatre regularly.

We spent the same evening at the Grand watching Beyond the Barricade.

This show comes once a year, you sit in your seat all night and give them a standing ovation at the end.

This is a night we would not miss.

The Opera House needs to do something about this problem and think about older audiences.

This is a lot of money paid to see a show you can’t even see.

Regular theatre-goers

(by email)

I agree completely with the letter from Heather Henderson regarding theatre seats.

I too have stopped buying seats downstairs due to everyone standing.

Management should make it clear standing is not allowed.

I don’t pay to look at someone’s back all night and tickets have become very exspensive.

So now I only buy seats in the dress circle front row.

There are other venues which make sure no one stands. Time the Opera House did the same.

Jeanette Yardley

(by email)

Road safety for blind folk


As a guide-dog owner and a client of the local blind society, N-Vision, I write to say how disappointing it is N-Vision is not doing its utmost to oppose Blackpool Council who are forever creating road crossings that are extremely dangerous.

The latest is the shared traffic/pedestrian surface outside Wilkinson’s on Talbot Road.

Other than Blackpool Road Safety Department, I haven’t heard anybody who thinks it is safe to use the crossing from Wilkinson’s to Cookson Street.

It must only be a matter of time before somebody is knocked down by a driver entering Talbot Road from Cookson Street.

I believe road safety chiefs think the solution to the problem is familiarisation.

Who is going to be given the impossible task of familiarising blind people and/or visitors to the town, is anybody’s guess.

Perhaps the people who are suggesting familiarisation should try travelling on the Number 7 busfrom the Blind Society in Squires Gate Lane to Wilkinson’s and, on arriving at Talbot Road, then attempt to find the crossing opposite Cookson Street.

Oh! By the way, I forgot to mention, to give them an idea what the journey is like for those with a visual impairment, I suggest they do the trip wearing a blindfold.

In doing so, they will then understand why many visually impaired people feel traffic/pedestrian shared areas are unsafe and for safety’s sake, do not visit the town as much as they used to do.

Mr J. H. Bithell

Lightburne Avenue

St Annes

Illuminations extra week

Shine on

It’s great to see the Illuminations will shine for another week again next year.

Brilliant for Blackpool!