Letters - December 17, 2012

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IN response to the article about the church hall in Poulton ‘Revamp Offer Rejected’ (Gazette December 10), it is quite inconceivable to me that St Chad’s parochial church council is committed to replacing the existing church hall.

Why replace a building which is the right size, has a stage, and a beautiful and high roof?

Professionals have looked at the building and have said that of course it can be repaired.

So why knock the building down and replace it with a smaller building without a stage, with a low roof, therefore absolutely useless for performances by the Chaddeans, etc, but instead has offices on the first floor?

The show of hands at the forum meeting showed quite clearly many people want to save the existing hall, and would be prepared to put effort into getting grants and donations. The same people, however, would not support a new building.

Grants are available for restoring buildings like the church hall as other villages, e.g. Singleton have shown.

Surely common sense ought to prevail?



FOR most people this is a magical time of year when it is traditional to visit family, remember loved ones and share presents.

It’s also a time when, as a society, we think about those who are homeless or alone.

There is a firm belief that no one should be neglected at Christmas.

But in the UK over half a million of our older people are abused and neglected every day. And it happens at Christmas too.

Calls to our national helpline ( which can be reached at 080 8808 8141) show a depressing picture, with the majority of victims over 70 years of age.

I would therefore like to appeal to everyone to do something practical to help.

So, this Christmas, please don’t forget your elderly friend, neighbour or loved one. If you haven’t seen them for some time, take this opportunity to visit and bring some magic back into their lives.

If you have a care home in your area, go and visit. Your very presence may improve someone’s life.


Chief Executive,

Action on Elder Abuse

THERE is nothing more annoying than filling a charity bag and leaving it outside your door, only for said charity not to bother to come and collect it.

This has happened a few times now for me.

Why do charities distribute the bags if they are not going to bother to collect the donations?

Perhaps some good causes are not as in need of contributions as they claim.


WHILE the economy and much else in this country is in dire straights, Prime Minister David Cameron, the ‘moderniser’, is determined to push ahead with his plans for gay marriage, despite the anger of many Conservative MPs and the fact it is likely lose many traditional party supporters.

In the latest part of his campaign he is supporting churches and other denominations, though now excluding the Church of England, to conduct gay ceremonies but suggesting protection from the European Courts for those that don’t do so.

This is not possible.

As Prime Minister of the UK, which is a member of the EU and subject to rulings from its courts both on justice and human rights, he has neither the right nor the power to make such a guarantee.

As ever, David Cameron is being less than truthful in his quest and is treating both the churches and the voters with utter contempt.

Modernisers soon become out of date as he will find out at the next general election.


North West Chairman,

UK Independence Party

MANY people are cutting down on the number of Christmas cards they are sending this year as a protest at the increase in the cost of postage.

Can we suggest maybe some readers consider sending a donation to a local charity instead?

In the case of animal charities, this time of year is a double whammy.

We all stop re-homing as it gets nearer to Christmas, just as the weather gets colder and the cats need to eat more.

In Cat Rescue’s case, obviously cash is great to pay the vet, but we also welcome food, especially sachets as the cats prefer them to tinned food.

We also find sachets easier to warm up in the cold weather.

Finally, can we wish all the readers who have helped us, a very Merry Christmas.


St Annes Cat Rescue