Letters - December 10, 2013

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Seasons greetings

But how many?

Far be it for me to be makking predictions but I feel I can safely say that this coming Christmas there will be a dramatic drop in the number of cards exchanged.

This will be because of the fact it now costst a staggering 10 bob (in old currency) or 50p to post a card.

And that is at the second class rate!

For pensioners in particular this will be a practically unaffordable expense, which will mean a loss of contact with friends and relatives, so vital to the elderly.

Like the underestimated value of the recent Royal Mail shares at the recent sell -off, this is one more indictment against what was once such a trusted and reliable institution.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Who is the Royal Mail’s We Love Parcels TV advert 
aimed at?

Certainly not the many people up and down the country who are having to count their pennies this Christmas to send cards.

It is a bitter enough pill to swallow having to fork out 50p a time to send a Christmas card never mind taking out a second mortage for a parcel.

I am not tight, just realistic when I admit that I have cut back drastically on the cards I am dropping in the postbox.

Fortunately a good few of my friends and relatives are now, like myself, on the internet and I have been emailing them my festive wishes along with a suggestion we actually meet up face to face so that we can hand over cards rather than being sucked up by corporate greed.

In a few years time, when postage has passed the unthinkable pound mark (just as petrol did) we will probably look back on “those good old days” when you could send a letter or a Christmas card for just 50p.

E Leach


Not just for Christmas

Guide dogs needed

There’s always so much to think about at Christmas. Everyone is so busy rushing around the shops, making plans to visit friends and 
family, buying and wrapping presents.

I’m trying to fit in my Christmas shopping between performances of White Christmas in Edinburgh, which is even trickier than trying to do it from the set of Coronation Street.

I wonder if your readers can imagine what it might be like to try and do all your Christmas planning, shopping and wrapping if you can’t see?

My husband Kenny lost the majority of his sight to a rare eye condition a couple of years ago. He’s a resilient chap and he manages very well, but there are so many things which sighted people take for granted that present him with a daily challenge.

Losing your sight is a life-changing experience and there are thousands of people facing their first Christmas in this situation. That’s why I’m supporting Guide Dogs’ Christmas Campaign.

Please text FIRSTXMAS to 70111 to donate £3. Thank you.

Wendi Peters

Former Coronation St actress
 The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Immigration slur

“Nasty” Britain

How dare Laszlo Andor, the socialist European Employment Commissioner refer to Britain as being seen as a “nasty country” if our Government decides to stop migrants getting benefits for the first three months?

Most people think we should go much further and stop any further immigration until we have a proper control of our borders and know exactly who is entitled to be here and deporting those who are not.

Mr Andor, his fellow Commissioners and the other EU functionaries should be reminded Britain and British people are the most generous in the world and had it not been for us and our allies rescuing it from fascism, continental Europe would be a very different place than it is today.

He and his like are another example of why we should not belong to such an interfering, ant-democratic European Union.

Philip Griffiths

North West President

UK Independence Party

Who is really to blame?

Another viewpoint

I find the comments of David Slattery-Christy (Gazette, December 8) quite offensive.

Is it not HIS Government that is making all the cutbacks?

Is it not HIS Government who are removing Blackpool’s funding?

Was it not HIS party that wrecked the Promenade then refused to apologise?

And while we are talking about Government, this one was not elected and has no mandate from the people for the measures George Osborne is taking.

We were in a worse mess in 1945 and worked our way out of it. This is just Tory ideology and while I am at it where is the so-called recovery?

Wake up Mr Slattery-Christy and smell the coffee.

Peter Elliott

Palatine Road, Blackpool

Carols out of tune

Holly and the Ivy?

Singers have already knocked on my door but what happened to those “proper” carols, not just festive songs like Holly and the Ivy?

Theresa Whyte

South Shore