Letters - August 8, 2013

Cleveleys Promenade
Cleveleys Promenade
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Sailing on the Fylde

My ideas

In response to MP Paul Maynard’s “60 Second Survey” for local residents around Thornton Cleveleys, I suggest that the amenity of a jetty at Cleveleys seafront might be worth considering.

It is difficult to launch small boats from the sands while fishing from that area is not productive.

A substantial wooden jetty say 10ft wide would facilitate the use of launching trollies for the boats and provide access for fishing in deeper water.

The location of the jetty would need careful consideration to avoid traffic disruption, as would safety factors.

At 91 my boatingand sailing days are over, but future generations would benefit, as would residents and visitors.

Paul Maynard has already acknowledged this suggestion with an informative and polite letter.

Mr W. Cottrill

Linden Avenue

Thornton Cleveleys

CCTV images


Regarding the 999 Crime File (Gazette July 30), the blurred CCTV still image shown of the Beech Wines knife robber serves only one purpose and that is as a wake up call to anyone who relies on CCTV to identify criminals.

Here we have an absolute gift for the police, a full frontal image of a suspected off licence robber but what do we see, one big blur from top to toe, an absolute gift for the robber.

We can’t even make out the North Face logo that according to the detective in charge “is clearly visible” so how on earth are we supposed to identify the pink blur that represents the robber’s face.

So bank managers, jewellers, off licence managers and everyone else who has a CCTV system, check the quality of your CCTV still image.

An upgrade to HD may be required.

Roger Goodred

Charles Street


Missing out on revenue

Parking too expensive

I couldn’t help but smile at the irony that Blackpool is currently across the national news as being a magnet for dole scroungers, ex cons and people in care.

That it is in huge decline with a plethora of penny rental properties and being used as a dumping ground for lower social groups by authorities across the UK.

Why the irony?

I am a middle aged professional individual who, a short while ago, decided to visit Blackpool with my wife in my motor home, followed by our two friends in theirs.

We had planned to spend two or three days in the town looking around, eating out and spending money.

After two hours of not being able to find anywhere to park (that would not incur large parking fines) we headed back out of town and moved up the coast.

The cost to me? Nothing.

We all had a wonderful time elsewhere 30 minutes down the road where we parked near a beach, visited a local pub, bought four meals and drinks and then went shopping for gifts the following morning.

The cost to Blackpool businesses? I estimate around £400.

Is there no limit to the quantity of businesses that the local council will see close or local deprivation that will prevail in their pursuit of a few quid in parking fees together with some poorly thought out rules? We discussed this problem on a forum and it appears that we were not alone in this problem.

Many others spoke of having the same experiences.

We regularly visit a layby by the beach just down the coast in Kinmel Bay where it is regularly visited by motor home owners, us included.

The local take away, pub and shops must love us parking there as we are all popping in and out of them all day and night.

If I was a council tax paying Blackpool business owner, I would be demanding answers as to why relatively affluent visitors to their town, driving motor homes that often cost in excess of £50,000, are being steered away whilst benefit dependent residents are being courted.

What do these council members have between their ears?

P. Langdon

(by email)

Joan Savage article
School pals

I enjoyed the article and phoPOERWest.

Norman Savage had a company which played there for most of the summers, so Joan learned a lot from that theatre.

David Pickering