Letters - August 8, 2012

Pictures Martin Bostock'Sunday night at Lytham Proms.'Olly Murs.
Pictures Martin Bostock'Sunday night at Lytham Proms.'Olly Murs.
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I AM writing to say a huge thanks for the VIP tickets which I won from The Gazette for the Olly Murs Concert at Lytham Proms.

My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening, from the welcoming drinks, and so on, right up to the end of the concert.

Thank you to all concerned for such a fabulous night.


St Martins Road


MAY I say how I feel so lucky to have such a highly regarded hospital as Blackpool Victoria on our doorsteps, especially the cardiac unit, where I had my own care.

Without going into any person’s names, the whole staff there are excellent from the cardiac consultants right down to the team of considerate, helpful and ever cheerful nursing staff.

I feel so lucky when talking to various members of staff, and families visiting loved ones, you realise how far they travel each day.

I spoke to a gent last week who was visiting his wife who had just had a triple heart bypass, and he did a 90-mile round trip from Burnley each day.

I also got into conversation with a family in the cafeteria, who set off at 5.30am each morning from Keswick in the Lake District.

When asking them if there were no facilities nearer their home, they quickly replied the Vic cardiac unit is the best.

The people of the Fylde coast, should feel very lucky and privileged to have such a universally regarded hospital on our doorstep.


St Walburgas Road


SO the Lib Dem leader is taking his ball home because he sulks over Cameron’s refusal to co-operate over the proposed reform of the Lords.

Then he goes on to suck his thumb, and resort to playground politics by threatening to score a ‘tit-for-tat’ revenge over the Conservative proposal to slim down the membership of the House of Commons.

Doesn’t this only prove what many of us have thought for a long time?

These so-called leaders of our country are not in their elevated positions to ensure our common interests at all, but merely to score personal points and achievements to bolster their own already inflated egos.

Come on children. Try to learn to play nice together.

Here’s hoping.


Thornton Cleveleys

After reading in the Gazette about the problems regarding bus stops on Abingdon Street, surely the answer to this is a bus station?

Oh. . . wait a minute we have one. It’s being used as a car park and has been for some time.

Come on Blackpool Transport and Blackpool Council people, get it sorted.


Beverley Close


I AM collecting used postage stamps and any old postcards for the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I would be grateful to anyone or persons that can help me please.

Send your stamps and postcards to me at the address below.


14 Kingsnorth Road