Letters - August 6, 2014

The Honour Guard at Blackpool Cenotaph. Blackpool ATC cadet Elizabeth Craine in the foreground
The Honour Guard at Blackpool Cenotaph. Blackpool ATC cadet Elizabeth Craine in the foreground
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They did their duty


I was immensely touched reading the very informative and well-written supplement about the First World War in Monday’s Gazette.

These fantastic, and in many cases, mere boys enlisting as they decided to ‘do their duty’ and to become mere ‘cannon fodder’ is still a cause for the utmost admiration, and this generation, reared mostly in poor circumstances, must never be forgotten.

In this rotten world of today when greed, crime and drugs rule, I just ask what is going to become of us?

I also lit my candle and participated in the ‘lights out moment’, but I just wonder how many others could ‘be bothered?’

Margaret Bennison


Great time at Proms

Loved it!

What a fantastic Proms weekend.

I was lucky enough to see Sir Tom Jones on Saturday.

His voice live was amazing. Then, the Last Night of the Proms – there are not enough superlatives to describe it but I’ll try – brilliant, unbeatable, incredible, fabulous, extraordinary.

I loved seeing Kerry Ellis live again after watching her in Wicked.

Michael Ball and Lesley Garrett are a formidable duo and were supreme, Tenors of Rock were fantastic, Rhyddian shone, The Halle were perfection and the Fylde’s Got Talent stars added a wonderful breath of new talent to the Proms weekend.

Well done and thank you Peter and Daniel, for bringing such a unique weekend to Fylde.

In addition, my niece has recently dislocated her knee and is unable to walk far.

I rang Peter during the week prior to the Proms to ask for help in getting her on to the site.

He must have been extremely busy, but took the time to arrange a VIP car park pass and transport to ensure she could attend.

Thank you Peter, outstanding customer service.

Can’t wait for next year!

Alyson Doyle

Mayfield Road

St Annes

Support is misplaced

Shale gas

It was interesting to read the recent news item from the Blackpool Business Association, expressing support for the shale gas industry and the jobs and business it will bring to the Blackpool economy.

Surely their support is misplaced, as any business advantage to be gained will go to Preston ( nearer to the drill sites), for the unskilled labour Cuadrilla will need.

However, if their support is for the shale gas industry boosting trade in Blackpool, then the opposite effect will apply.

Visitors arriving will be confused when they see unfamilar flares from the shale rigs illuminating the sky, instead of the twinkling lights of the Illuminations!

Hoteliers and other locals will begin to fear water pollution from fracking chemicals or water shortages occuring from the huge amounts of water needed in fracking.

They do not mention the fall in house prices near fracking sites.

Maybe the business fraternity in Blackpool need to do more research into the many health and environmental issues this flawed industry presents, before putting their blinkered faith into a business that for us is the new kid on the block, but is now being investigated for negligence in parts of America where it it has been operating for many years.

Roy Lewis

Haddon Road


Fears for disabled


We don’t know yet what the recent cabinet reshuffle may mean for people with disabilities and long-term conditions, including the 250,000 with the chronic fluctuating condition, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

But we do know that the new Minister of State for Disabled People, Mark Harper MP, strongly supports a reduction in welfare benefit spending.

People with ME – who suffer from symptoms including disabling fatigue, chronic pain, digestive problems and cognitive difficulties – tell us that they want to work, if only they were well enough to do so.

Unfortunately, 25 per cent of people with ME are so ill they remain house- or bed-bound.

We urge Mr Harper not to reduce the support these vulnerable people need to survive.

Anyone with ME who has questions or concerns about accessing benefits can contact our Welfare Advice and Support Service on 0845 122 8648 or visit www.actionforme.org.uk

Sonya Chowdhury

Chief Executive

Action for ME

Grow your own


It’s great to read about allotments getting more cash (Gazette, August 5).

Home-grown produce is so much tastier, and usually there is plenty to share!

C Bolton