Letters - August 5, 2014

Black cats at Cat Rescue Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde
Black cats at Cat Rescue Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde
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Cat crisis

2014 is the year of the (black) cat

If you have seen articles in national news papers recently regarding just how many black cats and kittens there are this year, I can tell you it really is exceptional at the moment!

More than 60 per cent 0f our kittens this year are black.

The colour is always prominent and seems to be the strongest gene for fitness and survival.

The problem is if someone has a black cat already and wants another cat/kitten to add to the household they tend to want a different colour. That gives us a double whammy in that we are overfull and vets bills escalate proportionally, not to mention food bills .

It’s ironic as most people consider black cats lucky (remember the tradition of seeing a lucky black cat on the way to one’s wedding?)

Sadly, the ridiculous superstition regarding black cats being witches’ familiars is still heard, thankfully rarely.

However, we find that blacks are usually the cleverest and a well fed fit black cat should have a stunning glossy coat and bright eyes.

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder but we think they are fantastic. Any help you can give us and other charities with finding homes for these pets and solving this 
really serious problem this year would be fantastic.

Christine Ashton

Cat Rescue Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde

Crime and punishment

Out of proportion

I read about a poor man in the Gazette, August 1.

His benefits had been stopped and he was penniless.

He stole shower gel valued just over £5.

He was given 12 months’ conditional discharge and has to pay £85 court costs, £15 victims’ surcharge.

Surely this man is a victim of our harsh criminal justice system. This case would involve the police, magistrate, prosecutor and defence solicitors, all for the theft of £5 worth of goods. It’s beyond belief. What about the invisible crimes of white collar crime?

Mrs P O’Connor

Portland Road


Tram fare row

MP should have opposed cuts

Regarding retired residents in Wyre. They are able to use their passes on buses into Blackpool, but not the new trams.

A number of letters have appeared in The Gazette over the weeks. I find the ones from a Blackpool MP unhelpful and potentially confusing.

First of all it was all 
Labour-controlled Blackpool Council’s fault according to Paul Maynard. Even though had the concession continued it would have meant that Blackpool residents through their council tax, would be paying for 
retired Wyre residents to use the trams.

Then suddenly Mr Maynard stopped blaming Blackpool Council. Perhaps he remembered some Blackpool residents vote Tory!

He then put the blame on Lancashire County Council. Even though the county council had offered to pay a substantial amount towards the cost of the 

His position was because Wyre residents pay county council tax, that council should foot the bill. This is a spurious argument. For the county council covers a very wide area with a large population, not just Wyre.

The fact is no city/town in the country which operates trams allow citizens outside their area to use their trams free of charge.

It is clear Wyre Council should add to what the county council are willing to pay to 
assist their retired residents.

However what caused the problem in the first place is the savage cuts to council grants from Central Government. Most councils, particularly those in the North of England, have had to cope with huge cuts.

When the coalition government introduced the cuts, the MP should have strongly objected.

He had his opportunity. Instead he supported whole-heartedly the cuts imposed by his government.

Jack Croysdill

Chair Blackpool North/
Cleveleys Labour Party


Gas export agenda

Yet another well informed 
erudite letter from the redoubtable Marjorie Nye (Your Say Friday).

We keep reading in The Gazette of the assurances of “experts” regarding the safety of fracking but if you care to look very closely at this subject from hers and other reports from America, many of which are available online, the reality is shown very differently to what we are led to believe.

I heard from an American friend recently that the state of Winsconsin has now banned fracking because of all the 
pollution it has caused.

So far in Fylde the only drilling has caused earth tremors, how does that give the people any confidence that this practice is safe?

You cannot export power to Europe from wind farms, nor from solar power systems, nor from tidal power systems but you sure as hell can export shale gas. “We will make Blackpool the shale gas centre of Europe”. So do Cameron and his gang have a hidden agenda for the end product of 

David Nicholls

Elder Close