Letters - August 31

I write in response to the report 'Circus girl back for big reunion' (The Gazette August 23).

Bobby Roberts Super Circus is one of the few remaining

circuses which still uses animals including horses, ponies, dogs, a camel and, of course, Anne the elephant.

While her age and arthritic leg prevent her from performing the tricks she used to, she is still taken into the ring so that people can pay to have their photo taken with her. It is then back to the small enclosure where she appears to spend so much of her time.

Anne the elephant has come to symbolise the tragic plight of wild animals used in circuses. Taken from Sri Lanka when she was five years old, her whole life has been one of confinement, constant travel and being made to perform meaningless tricks.

The circus claims to treat its animals well.

However, in a modern age where society has progressed in its knowledge of animal behaviour and welfare surely there is no place for the outdated use of animals in circuses, on the road for most of the year and confined to small pens when not in the ring.

Every day that the circus keeps Anne on tour with them is one less day in which she can experience real retirement, a life without the severe restrictions and transportation she is now subjected to.

The public can help animals by writing to their MP to ensure the government brings in a national ban on such acts.

Fiona Peacock

Captive Animals'

Protection Society

Thanks for all the support

I would like, to thank everybody who supported me in my recent swim for charity, with special thanks to my mum, the local Buffalo Lodges and the Trinity Methodist Friendship Group. I have managed to raise the magnificent sum of 1,000 for the Macmillan Windmill Unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Without this unit local people would have to travel to Preston or even Manchester for treatment at a time when they might not be feeling very well.

It is a very busy unit and much needed for our area, and I am very grateful for all the care and support I have been given over the last 2 two years, and hopefully many years to come.

Gwen Meehan

Bayside, Fleetwood

Great entertainment

There is top quality entertainment for pensioners on the first Wednesday of every month here in Blackpool at the Layton Institute, from 2pm to 4.30pm, for only the cost of 1.

It is thanks to the generosity of the Layton Institute, Westcliffe Drive, who provide bar services, tea and coffee sales, and the free use of the club concert room, at no charge to the charitable organisers. This is a Blackpool Borough Council initiative. However, neither Blackpool Borough Council nor the Layton Institute could afford to fund the cost of the acts that kindly in these shows. Many of them that I have seen have previously appeared at the Winter Gardens and the Grand Theatre. Please check this out, and see what you think!

Roger Preisner

Mather Street, Blackpool

The problem is The Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Economic Development Company is swimming around in a sea of different funding initiatives.

We have gone from the success of ReBlackpool to the new EDC and in turn a reduction in the power/funding of the North West Development Agency right across to the newly established Regional Growth Funds.

During this time of transition it's important for the regeneration body to show leadership, talk with the residents of Blackpool and the Fylde whilst continuing to push for what grants are available. It may take twelve months but the funding is there, we just need to get the right forms in front of the right people.


Economic Development is just what this area needs to pull us out the depths we have reached with such high


Let's hope some alternative

funding is found and the work continues.


I wonder just how many managers will lose their jobs.

Brian Ellis

There are jobs out there.

I was forced to attend a

Back to Work session at the Job Centre a couple of weeks ago, where they said there were currently 577 jobs in Blackpool (mostly part time or seasonal).

The only problem is there are currently 4370 people in

Blackpool claiming the dole according to The Gazette 12 August.

If those 577 jobs were filled by dole recipients that still leaves 3793 people for whom there's no work. What do we do with them?