Letters - August 26, 2011

Mark Silcock (left) and fellow anglers on the Lower walk at Bispham, where vehicles are prohibited.
Mark Silcock (left) and fellow anglers on the Lower walk at Bispham, where vehicles are prohibited.
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COUN Tony Williams’ argument regarding the tram tracks at Gynn Square doesn’t hold water (The Gazette August 20).

Motorists have to cross tram tracks to access car parking on South Promenade.

Are we going to have restrictions on traders making deliveries to businesses on the seaward side of the tram tracks?

Lastly to restrict permits for disabled anglers to 20 is surely disability discrimination.

As a disabled angler I can’t get down to the Lower Walk without being taken down in a car.

How much does it cost to park on South Beach car park over the tam tracks for three hours. I bet it’s not £30.


St Annes

THE article about anglers crossing the tram tracks and health and safety seems to have lost the point.

Lower Walk is a safe place for families and responsible dog walkers to know they are safe in letting their children or pets run free without the risk of being run over.

The cars used to speed along the Lower Prom with no regard for pedestrians. And as for being the eyes and ears of the coastguard, you don’t need a car to do that.

My brother goes fishing in several ponds around the area and he doesn’t drive his car across the fields.

There are enough parking spaces along the Promenade and side streets for the fishermen to park and walk down to the sea.

The Promenade is a pedestrianised area, let’s keep it that way.


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