Letters - August 24

Clevleys bus station
Clevleys bus station
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ABOUT 18 years ago the old Safeway supermarket building on Victoria Road West, Cleveleys, became vacant.

At the time, when having lived in Cleveleys for 35 years, I suggested to one of our then local councillors that it would have been a good idea to move the bus station down Victoria Road and create a new bus station on the junction of North Drive and Victoria Road.

This would, of course, have been an ideal place to have a bus station, as it would have encouraged visitors to use the whole of Victoria Road from North Drive to the Promenade thus giving more business to the whole area.

At the time of the old Safeways being vacant the council could also have acquired the now empty Nursery World thus making it a large area for a new bus station.

The bus station, as it is now could have then been turned into a coach park for the visiting coaches.

This would have encouraged more coach firms to bring more people and money into Cleveleys.

The problem at the moment is that Cleveleys has been turned into an almost pedestrianised area thus making it very difficult for buses turning into and entering the bus station.

Surely making a bus station at the lower end of Cleveleys would make more sense.

I WRITE regarding recent letters referencing the VisitBritain accreditation scheme and would like to add the scheme isn’t perfect but, in my view, it is essential.

I value TripAdvisor and other review sites to advise on the overall guest experience but it doesn’t tell me whether a property is legal and safe, has it a valid fire certificate, Pat testing certificate, is it health & safety, health & hygiene compliant?

That’s why I value a VisitBritain accreditation as it guarantees safety and legality and with TripAdvisor all may be well until something goes wrong!

Research an accredited property, check it out on a review site and the two schemes together will give you a full and complete picture.


Number One, St Luke’s.

Additionally, I see my membership fee as an investment - I’m featured on websites promoting me globally for which I certainly receive a return and I pay a lot more than £255 for some other single website advertising.

You get out what you put in and I welcome the free/subsidised courses I’m able to attend and the information sent to me keeps me abreast of changes in customer demands/trends, legislation etc.

Having a national accreditation also opens doors with VisitBlackpool and StayBlackpool both of which provide my businesses with exposure I could not survive without.

Collectively, all the above for £255 gives me value and, I believe, helps me stand out from the crowd and we most certainly need all the help we can get in the current economic climate!


Number One, St Luke’s.

RECENTLY in The Gazette I read about bogus charity handlers.

Today I saw a blue van collecting charity bags on my street, no charity or charity number on the side of the van. There was a mobile number on the leaflet, but I decided to ask directory enquiries for the telephone number for the charity named on the leaflet. I was told the address given was not for an office or the name mentioned on the leaflet, but was in fact the address of a caravan.

Charities need stock, yet these bogus charities, charity bags and leaflets are still being able to con local people into believing they are helping sick children etc, yet the stock collected is for these bogus collectors’ own pockets. Please be vigilant and if unsure check them out or better still take unwanted items to your charity shop.