Letters - August 13, 2014

Lytham Proms Festival Weekend 2014 Halle Orchestra  Pictured is the Halle Orchestra.
Lytham Proms Festival Weekend 2014 Halle Orchestra Pictured is the Halle Orchestra.
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On the festival circuit


I have been fortunate to have attended every Lytham Proms since they re-started in 2010.

The last night of the 2014 Proms was just amazing!

I was born and raised in Manchester and as a musician spent many a happy evening at the Free Trade Hall listening to the Halle Orchestra. When my family moved to St Annes in 1982, I never dreamed I would be able to listen to the Halle on Lytham Green.

Add Michael Ball, Lesley Garrett, Rhydian Roberts, Kerry Ellis and the Tenors of Rock, adding our own Lucy Ella to the mix, and I am still pinching myself that what I witnessed was real. Massive congratulations must go to Daniel Cuffe and Peter Taylor who continue to improve the Proms year on year.

Lytham is now firmly established on the outdoor festival circuit and can attract the biggest stars from the world of entertainment. I look forward to next year to see who will top Sir Tom Jones!

Cuffe and Taylor 
deserve the thanks of all our residents for bringing work and money into the town. Long may they continue.

Leonard Hampson

Westby Road


Alternative to university


Over the next month 
thousands of potential students from across Lancashire will be considering whether university is the right route for them. The cost of university in the North West has been calculated as up to £53,000, including costs such as tuition fees, rent, food etc.

Not wanting to burden yourself with this level of debt doesn’t mean a professional career is beyond you.

Many professional bodies such as ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) don’t require a degree.

Studying for a professional qualification instead can have a number of advantages.

You can earn valuable practical experience whilst completing your qualification, which could put you three years ahead of your peers and once completed you will have a qualification that is equivalent to a masters level degree.

University experience could be an important part of your development, but it is always worth considering whether it is something you want to do, or are doing because you think it is the logical next step.

In today’s competitive job market, three years’ experience gained while studying for a professional qualification could put you ahead of your peers.

Carol Helm

ACCA Lancashire and 
Cumbria Members’ Network Chairman

Cab driver’s honesty


On Saturday, August 9, my wife, son, stepson and myself arrived in Blackpool for a few days’ holiday.

We arrived early and spent a few hours on the front, before taking a taxi from Manchester Square to our hotel, The Stuart.

On arriving in the hotel I realised I had lost my bag containing two ipods, an iPad, a smart phone, my bus pass and wallet containing a small amount of money but more importantly my bank card.

Feeling very distraught we reported it missing to the reception, and the boys set out to try and trace the cab. Blessed relief when the receptionist brought the bag to us saying a black cab driver had just handed it in.

We rushed down to thank and reward the driver but he had gone.

What could have been a complete disaster and ruined our break was saved by the honesty and decency of the black cab driver.

We did make an effort to trace him but to no avail.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Blackpool. It was my first visit in over 50 years. I was pleasantly surprised by the town.

Expecting a rundown, almost derelict place (according to reputation) we found a friendly, welcoming, town, unpretentious and honest. There was plenty of entertainment for all ages and plenty of food outlets to cover every pocket and taste. The town was very clean and the beach spotless.

We will certainly be praising the town to everyone we know on Twitter and FaceBook, and wish to especially thank the cab driver who was so honest and considerate to return my bag.

It was greatly appreciated and he personified Blackpool as a town that is caring and honest.

David Powell


Bus service is erratic

Time wasted

My wife waited at North Pier bus stop to travel to 

From 2.25pm the bus could be seen parked up for at least 10 minutes.

When it arrived it had Cleveleys as the destination on it.

The driver said it was late and had to turn round at 

He emptied the bus at Aldi in Cleveleys, which poses a question – if he is late why remain at Aldi for 15 minutes (that makes a total of 25 minutess wasted).

It looks like Fleetwood pensioners are being coerced into using the tram to Fleetwood.

The number one has been very erratic since the free tram finished. Coincidence?

Mr J. Williams

Church Street