Letters - August 10, 2012

Circus Mondao
Circus Mondao
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HOW lovely it is to have a proper circus in town.

We love to see the very majestic circus tent which appeared overnight in the field nearby.

We love the Tower Circus but there is something very special about a proper circus in a big top, with the smell of the sawdust and the roar of the crowds.

Also, Circus Mondao do have some really stunning animals that we see out grazing in the fields around the big top.

I often take the grandchildren over to the circus in the daytime to have a look at the camels and zebras out grazing.

Every year they come and bring a different show full of fun and laughter and the very handsome performers and beautiful showgirls are a real credit.

We really love the show and go many times while they are in town.

Fleetwood Road

MY wife and I took two of our grandchildren and one of their friends to Southport Pleasureland on our day off from work.

It is a lot more expensive to buy tokens for rides even though it’s free entry. We do not mind paying £5 to go into the good old Pleasure Beach to watch the children enjoying the park after buying wristbands which are far better value.


Station Road 
South Shore

ON reading the remarks regarding Carleton cemetery I can honestly say I feel real sympathy for the distress to the relatives of the bereaved.

The sadness we all feel when we visit the resting place of our loved ones cannot be put into words.

We visit our son’s resting place in Lytham Crematorium regularly, and I must place on record our thanks to the gardening staff on the immaculate presentation we observe.

The hedges are beautiful, the grass verges, and between the graves are a pleasure to behold, and make us feel that apart from ourselves the staff take a pride in their work and give pleasure to an enormous amount of people at a sad time in their lives.

Well done lads, and thank you.


Worsley Road,

St Annes