Letters - April 28, 2014

The Windmill on South Promenade complete with summer scene once the Illuminations were up and running again in 1949. / BLACKPOOL HISTORICAL
The Windmill on South Promenade complete with summer scene once the Illuminations were up and running again in 1949. / BLACKPOOL HISTORICAL

Part of our coat of arms


I read once again about another waste of money, this time on the Carnesky’s Ghost Train in the region of £284,000.

I have for many years been campaigning for the return of the South Shore Windmill, preferably to be placed on the headland, and it beggars belief this huge amount of money on the Carnesky disaster is merely written off as small change.

I ask once again: Can something be done to reinstate the windmill?

It may not be totally original, but I do believe that many of the working parts are still intact.

Many people, locals and visitors alike, have shown a lot of interest in seeing the windmill again returned in all its glory.

A few days ago I happened to pick up a People’s Friend magazine dated May 14, 1994 and on the front was a picture of The Tower plus Central Pier and Promenade, headed ‘Blackpool Magic.’

Inside was a full three pages all about Blackpool being a lively centre of a 
delightful holiday coast.

It then goes on to note that “the Fylde was known as Windmill Lane” and mentions the coat of arms.

“Mill sails on Blackpool’s Coat of Arms acknowledge the area’s importance in its history,” it stated.

Mrs Christine Harris

South Promenade


Tram looks tacky

Step too far

I feel compelled to write to you regarding the recent vinyl wrapping of one of the new trams.

I really must protest at this. Blackpool Transport has gone a step too far. The tram is now dark and dingy inside and looks horrible and tacky outside.

What is the point of spending a fortune on a beautiful new fleet, one to be proud of, only to vandalise the trams in this way for the sake of advertising revenue.

Please strip this mess off as soon as possible and leave our new trams alone!

Natalie Jones

South Shore

Fewer jobless now


At a recent Wyre Council meeting, the Labour leader asked about job creation in the area and claimed 
jobless numbers were 

The opposite is true and those claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance in Wyre fell from 1,763 in April 2012 to 1,377 in January 2014 – a reduction of 22 per cent.

The Labour leader further claimed she wanted to see ‘proper’ jobs created, not self-employed ones.

This was an outrageous comment and the Wyre Conservatives were disgusted.

The self-employed are absolutely vital for our local economy, with something like 4,500 SMEs on the Fylde Coast. I hope the Labour leader is ashamed of herself in denigrating the hard working self-employed who don’t claim benefits, but employ others and pay taxes.

I was self-employed for most of my working life and am particularly offended by this Labour view.

It does, however, seem to be a consistent message from the Wyre Labour Group, as previously a Labour councillor dismissed jobs in retailing and catering as not ‘proper’ jobs.

It is clear Labour’s view is that if you are not on benefits, not a civil servant or not employed in the public sector you are some sort of inferior human being.

This Orwellian view does not have a place in job creation and further improving our local economy.

Coun Peter Gibson

Leader Wyre Council

Cleveleys is friendly


I was sorry to read Kevin Stevenson’s e-mail letter about him and his disabled wife being verbally abused in Cleveleys (Your Say, April 24).

Older people like visiting Cleveleys because of the rows of small shops and also larger ones.

For a few years we have visited Cleveleys once a week and found the residents and shop-keepers friendly and welcoming.

Mr Stevenson and his disabled wife seemed to have enjoyed their trip to Cleveleys until they were confronted by a bully that spoiled their day.

It is such a shame Cleveleys’ reputation has to be tarnished by one foul-mouthed person.

Mrs P. O’Connor

Portland Road


Time to change?

No plans

I cannot believe that Labour’s Simon Blackburn, and Gordon Marsden MP, think the electorate of Blackpool will fall for their desperate attempt to whitewash the mess they have made of this town.

The headline ‘£ 104m to fix the town’ ( Gazette, April 17), was used to just recycle the positive plans and vision others have for this town and its future. Because they have no plan themselves.

They are obviously in a state of panic because elections are looming ever closer and the mess in their wake grows ever bigger and more visible to the fed-up residents of this once thriving town.

It is time for a change – time for leaders capable of leading and creating a positive future for Blackpool before it is too late.

David Slattery-Christy