Letters - April 20, 2012

Cuadrilla Gas site near Singleton.
Cuadrilla Gas site near Singleton.
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MPs should be cautious about the extraction of shale gas around Blackpool and the Fylde.

It became a huge issue in America when private companies started drilling, due largely to the poisonous chemicals that are needed to blast the rock, with water, there are huge amounts of water needed for the process and inevitably this water becomes contaminated with chemicals underground and seeps into the water table.

While the Environment Agency was asked to assess the risk of earthquakes, now known to be the result of the fracking process, the department it appears was not asked by the Government to look into the issues of poisonous chemicals used in the process.

Neither were the risks to the environment caused by water contamination assessed as it will affect farmland, animals, birds and all wild life.

The risk to public health is always an issue that needs to investigated properly, as all chemical use carries risks to health.

There is also the issue of who is charged with monitoring and assessing risk, and compensation for any damage to health or our precious farmland? There is so much more to be investigated, but we could start with the assessment of chemicals to be used by Cuadrilla and the need for independent monitoring of the process before drilling re-commences.

It should not be the taxpayer who picks up the bill.


Knowle Avenue Blackpool

Leaning tower?

WITH fracking resuming on the Fylde coast, is it possible we will soon have a new tourist attraction – the leaning Tower of Blackpool?


St Martins Road Blackpool

WHEN Wyre first started out the public consultation phase of its core strategy, it was decided to provide copies of the document at points of easy access to the public.

There is a copy in the Fleetwood Library, and a road show will be going about the borough taking note of comments and giving out information when asked for.

If Mr Squires (Letters April 12) had taken the time to read the document he would have found out that far from Fleetwood being the only place where development is to take place, there are sites across the whole of the borough. The core strategy is a vital document for Wyre as it lays out our priorities as seen from a local prospective, including Fleetwood councillors.

Without it we would render ourselves open to what is termed planning by appeal. If this were to happen developers would be in the driving seat as opposed to your elected members.

If we are to move forward in Wyre we must look to the future.

As for the statement that Fleetwood is last in the queue for investment I can only suggested that he takes a look around Fleetwood at the money being spent in the town.

I list but a few: Sea Change Investment at the Marine Hall, Rossall Point Observation Building, the new health centre on Dock Street, new tram system and new fire station, to say nothing of the £1.5 m being spent on Wyre’s new depot on Copse road. Mr Squires’ letter repeats a sentiment I have heard many times from Labour politicians in Fleetwood, but what really worries me is that it could become a self fulfilling prophesy.

Fleetwood is a great town with smashing people, so please stop running it down at every opportunity.


Economy Portfolio Holder

Wyre Council

I WOULD like to thank everyone who attended our recent Easter Fair at Eastpines Park.

The fair was organised by the Friends Group of Eastpines Park, of which I’m the secretary, with the dual aim of raising money for new play equipment in the park and bringing our community together.

On the day we raised £597 which is the most we have ever raised at one of our park events and everyone enjoyed themselves. I would like to give a special thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard on the day and made it so enjoyable. We are committed to making Eastpines Park one of the best on the Fylde both in its appearance and as a place to relax and enjoy.

As such we will now be liaising with our two local primary schools to identify the need and demand for what play equipment the children of the area would like as part of our lottery bid which we are aiming to submit later this year.

Our next fair is on July 7 and if anyone has any old toys they would like to donate to our tombola or any plants of any size for our plant stall, please contact me on cllr.paul.galley@blackpool.gov.uk or (01253) 826679.



IT has been one year since I had my leg amputated and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me in that time.

This includes my mum, friends, all at Harrowside Medical Centre, Dr D.P. Charbs, and Whitworths Chemists.


Drakelowe Avenue

Grange Park