Letters - April 11

NEW BUILDING: An artist's impression of the new Highfield Humanities College. But a reader says it needs a layby for buses
NEW BUILDING: An artist's impression of the new Highfield Humanities College. But a reader says it needs a layby for buses
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I REGULARLY attend the PACT (police and communities together) meeting at Highfield Humanities College.

When the proposals for the new college were unveiled, the people who attend the meeting with me were asked; what would you like to see at the new college?

The main topic of conversation was a layby to be provided on Highfield Road for coaches and buses picking up and dropping off children, which would hopefully reduce the gridlock when school is starting and finishing.

A couple of meetings ago, to our disappointment, we found out there is to be no layby provided.

The Highways Agency declined the request, saying there is no need for a layby.

We are overjoyed the community is getting a new college, but very disappointed at the news regarding the highway.

We would like the Highways Agency to review the decision and maybe attend the next PACT meeting to tell us their findings.



WAS the Civic Theatre in Darlington owned by a volunteer group, the way the Grand Theatre in Blackpool and the Hippodrome Theatre in Colne are? (Letters, April 5)

These two amazing venues are mainly run by dedicated people, who give their time and dedicate their resources to the running of the theatres, as well as to fund-raising. They deserve our support.


Watson Road


DID you ever serve on board any of the light fleet carriers, HMS Bulwark, HMS Albion or HMS Centaur?

Our association – The HMS, Bulwark Albion Centaur Association – is open to anyone who served at any time on these ships. We send a magazine three times per year and run events including socials, sea trips with our current ships, Albion and Bulwark, and anniversary commemorations at home and abroad.

While our home port is Portsmouth, this year’s AGM/social will be held at Bracklesham Bay on the South Coast on Saturday, May 14. We also sponsor sea cadets from our affiliated SCC’s on the training ship Jack Petchey. Membership is all of £8 per annum. Enquiries to Leigh Easton, Glenmoray, Hayford Place, Stirling, FK7 9JX, or e-mail at ngsfo@tiscali.co.uk or visit our website www.bulwarkassoc.co.uk


Membership secretary


LAST year I wrote to The Gazette, asking what had happened to the beautiful sundial from St John’s Square.

On January 25, a letter from Terry Regan said it would be reinstated, and there was a photograph of the sundial stating: “Reinstated sundial in front of St John’s Church”.

I’ve searched and still can’t find it! Can anyone clear up this mystery? Like Mr Regan, my family and myself care about our heritage.


Preston New Road