Letters - 27-03-12

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I JUST can’t believe the stupidity of whoever sanctioned the replacement of illuminated road signs with new non-lit signs to “save” money. (Gazette March 17).

There is going to be the cost of the new sign, the cost of transporting it to the site, the wages of two, three or four men to install it, and then days or weeks later the cost of a team to remove the old sign, transport it and dispose of it. How many signs are being replaced and how many thousands of pounds is it costing us?

Coun Jackson says it will save us £20,000 over the next 25 years, which is £800 per year. I suspect it will cost more than that over the next few months to replace the signs.

Any sensible person would have sent a man around the existing signs to remove the bulbs.

This news article would have been funny had it been published on April 1.


Blackpool Old Road


The Health and Social Care Bill did not feature in either governing party manifesto, or in the Coalition Agreement.

In fact, the Prime Minister himself promised the NHS was safe in his hands before the election, saying categorically there would be no “top down reorganisation of the NHS”.

The government’s listening exercise was a sham, and the legitimate concerns of the majority of the public, and the vast majority of health experts, were blatantly ignored.

The minor amendments accepted by the Government have done nothing to alter the nature of the Bill, which can only damage the quality of healthcare for ordinary people around the UK, by breaking up the NHS as we know it, reducing accountability and raising administrative costs, allowing private patients to jump the queue for care while NHS patients face growing waiting lists, and intensifying postcode lotteries for treatment.


Fylde Road


FURTHER to the article Getting The Hump Over Double Signs, I find Coun Jackson’s response laughable, as do hundreds of members of the public who have approached me since the article was published.

He seems to try and impress the rate payers of Blackpool by promising to save £20,000 over 25 years. By spending £33m to achieve it.

This type of short-sighted action is exactly why this country is in the dire financial mess that it is today. Spend today pay tomorrow.

I thought the previous administration were questionable but this takes the biscuit.


Preston New Road