Letters - 26-03-12

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FLEETWOOD’S beaches are mainly man-made since the 1840s.

However, since the Fleetwood Borough Council joined up with the other more rural parts of the district in 1973 and became Wyre Borough Council, the town has steadily deteriorated.

The coming together of these bodies was closely followed by the collapse of the fishing industry and the demise of the associated engineering works on Wyre Dock.

Not long after the huge ICI plant at Bourne Hall and Hillhouse went into decline.

Coincidently, at the same time the beaches also began to deteriorate.

The uncontrolled spread of marram grass into areas between the seawall and the reclaimed land behind grew to such an extent views of the sea from the upper Promenade, have in places been cut off by the height of this grass.

The worst place in my opinion is along the North and East Side Beach.

This beach used to have an eight to 10-foot drop from the back edge of the pavement to a sandy beach.

In recent times the sand is in places 18 inches above the pavement, the beach has become contaminated by blown detritus i.e., cigarette ends, the remains of packed lunches, fast food etc., this has increased the fertility of the sand/soil, which in turn attracted every kind of invasive species of weed, and trees like sycamore, willow and numerous other plants.

The place is an eyesore.

The Traders and Residents Association asked me to help get the place looking better, to improve local and tourist footfall in the area.

But it seems some time ago these man-made beaches had been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the area to all intents and purposes, has been sequestrated by a Quango called Natural England.

So we not only have to persuade Wyre Borough to do something about the beaches, we also must placate Natural England as well.

Fleetwood’s beaches need to be brought back to how it was intended to be 130 years ago, long before Wyre Council or Natural England came into being.


Wyre Council

I HAVE to take issue with James Sorah (Letters March 20.

It seems to be another ideological attack on the Government by a member of a left-wing group linked strongly with the Labour Party.

But he seriously needs to get some of his facts straight before launching such attacks.

He seems to forget our country was left with a gigantic deficit because of reckless overspending and borrowing by the Labour Government which is why cuts are necessary.

Nobody wants cuts but in the real world we could not afford to carry on how we were going.

Mr Sorah refers to tuition fees being trebled but might I remind him it was the Labour Party who introduced tuition fees in 1998 and then trebled them in 2004.

The Education Maintenance Allowance was a flawed scheme which gave students extra money simply for turning up at college.

Back in my day I attended college because I wanted to be there not because I was paid, I worked in a part-time job to pay through college. Mr Sorah particularly likes claiming the NHS is being privatised. I find this claim ludicrous.

Labour ruined the NHS with bureaucracy, red tape and senseless targets. Professionals want to do their jobs not be statistics and the Coalition’s NHS reforms offer them just that.

Yes the Coalition is having to make tough and difficult decisions but people like James Sorah would do well to remember it was Labour who got us in this mess to begin with.


I LIVE on The Nook in Staining and today I have come home to find a new speed limit sign put up opposite my house.

It has a 30mph sign on one side going down The Nook where people walk over to De Vere and the reverse of the sign indicates 20mph going up The Nook to Chain Lane.

So it’s ok to increase your speed where dog walkers exercise their dog, children play, and the elderly stroll. Talk about a waste of public money yet again.


The Nook,


I AM appalled that they are trying to change the 20mph limit back again to 30mph (Gazette March 22).

I live in Wrea Green on Ribby Road. This road is used by BAE workers as a short cut through to Warton.

The speed traffic comes through is ridiculous. Last week at around 6.15pm a car came down the road and must have been travelling about 60mph in a 30mph zone.

I really can’t wait until they introduce a 20mph limit in our village and I will drive at that speed and ignore any grief.

I only wish there could be speed humps put on this road and a camera which would be turned on constantly, this would make a lot of revenue for the police.

Don’t these drivers understand people live in these villages and they don’t own the road.


Wrea Green.

DOES anyone know what is going on with our postal service in Blackpool?

Our post is arriving any time between 10.30am and 4pm. We rarely see the same postman twice.

Last week we took delivery of an item which had to be signed for.

The postman tried for 10 minutes to work the gadget on which I had to sign, finally giving up and ringing his depot for instructions on how to operate it.

What on earth is going on?