Letters - 25-04-12

19 August 2008........  For sale and To Let signs in Burley Leeds
19 August 2008........ For sale and To Let signs in Burley Leeds
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My daughter is 25, studied her way through sixth form, university, and trained as a teacher.

As there were no posts available in Blackpool, at 22 she moved to where the work was – in Birmingham.

For the last three years, and for the foreseeable future, she can afford to rent only a single room in a shared house.

She didn’t do drugs, develop an alcohol problem, or get pregnant.

She teaches in a secondary school, where she is working from 8am to 5.15pm (pupil contact time, as this is an academy school), gives up many weekends to work with her students who wish to do the Duke of Edinburgh awards, pays her own way, and contributes to society in a great profession.

If a teacher can afford only a single room in a shared house, why should someone on benefits live any better?


Bambers Lane


I RECENTLY had a bad fall outside Curry’s, in South Shore, suffering facial injuries.

I would like to express my appreciation to the kind individuals who took care of me on Wednesday, April 18.

These included Alan, who introduced himself as a first aider, his wife and another couple, who I could not see, but heard.

All of these good Samaritans looked after me and waited until the ambulance arrived.

To all the people who offered me assistance in a time of need, their kindness will never be forgotten.

It shows there are still kind-hearted people willing to help others.



MAY I give thanks to David Windle and Lynne Fox, for a brilliant and memorable musical performance to a packed audience at Marton United Reformed Church on Saturday evening, in support of the church.

This tribute to the Gershwins and Cole Porter, which was presented and narrated by David Windle accompanied by the beautiful voice of Lynne Fox, recounted the lives and unforgettable works of these musical greats – Summertime, Rhapsody in Blue, Night and Day, and much more.

Thank you Lynne and David for your generosity and a spectacular evening.


Marton United Reformed Church