Letters - 21-06-12

Joe Longthorne - says Blackpool gave him an early  break
Joe Longthorne - says Blackpool gave him an early break
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I WRITE with regard to Joe Longthorne MBE receiving his honour from The Queen.

Nobody deserves this award more than Joe.

He has shown courage and strength in continuing to work and raise much-needed monies for various charities all close to his heart while battling a very serious illness himself for many years.

Joe would probably feel he doesn’t deserve the award, but he truly does.

I know I speak for his many friends and fans alike when I say we are so very proud to call him a friend.

Through the good and bad times, often very upsetting times, when he has been very poorly indeed, I have never heard Joe complain.

‘There’s people worse than me’, he would say, and summon the courage and strength to carry on.

So, I hope Joe realises just how special he is to us all, especially the people of Blackpool who hold him close to their hearts.

We love you Mr Joe Longthorne MBE. Very proud of you indeed.



IN response to Mr D Barker (Letters June14), Halite Energy is committed to developing a safe project that preserves and enhances the special features of the local area.

Although any works would have minimal visual impact on the environment, we have put together plans to fully restore and enhance the site during, and after, construction.

An important part of our application is an in-depth environmental statement, which sets out how Halite will mitigate against any impact of our plans on the local environment, as well as a series of measures to improve natural habitats, nurture native species and encourage diversity, enhancing wildlife, conservation and land stewardship.

This includes the development of a landscape enhancement and ecology management plan to ensure our activities are managed to the highest standards, protecting and enhancing the site of special specific interest, special protection area, biological heritage site, marine environment and our land holdings. In developing our proposals, Halite Energy has worked very closely with environmental groups such as RSPB, the Environment Agency, the Wildlife Trust and Natural England, and consensus has been reached with all these organisations on our approach to environmental management.

Halite Energy is fully committed to preserving and enhancing the local area.


Chief executive

Halite Energy

WHAT a pathetic situation when one seaside town has to use such an inappropriate and inaccurately created image to try to damage another (Gazette June 14).

I sincerely hope Blackpool tourism chiefs take some action through the Local Government Association, and ask for a full apology from the rather childish and immature Skegness authority.


Disability and Equality Consultant