Letters - 20-02-12

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I WAS delighted to read that I wasn’t, after all, a lone voice in the wilderness complaining about drivers consistently flouting the law and putting lives at risk with their dangerous habit of parking on pavements (Gazette February 11).

Thank goodness for Coun Sue Fazackerley raising the issue, and at last getting the police to acknowledge the problem.

Having said all that, I would have thought the statement from Inspector Keith Ogle could have gone a little further than describing it as “anti-social, inconsiderate and causing an obstruction”.

What about “dangerous and putting lives at risk”?

These are the words we want to hear from our police force, not statements that make the issue sound like an inconvenience.

Well done Gazette for publicising this problem.




MAY I thank Peter and his staff at Harrold Rigby’s on Waterloo Road.

Peter hosted a Cupid and Cod night for the RSPCA, to assist us in raising funds to equip our newly-built operating theatre at our new animal home in Stalmine.

This will complete the second phase, and enable us to commence the third phase, which is the reception and retail block.

We are maintaining our site on Division Lane, as demand for animal welfare in this area is so great.

Although we work under the RSPCA logo, we are completely self-funding, and are grateful for all donations, large or small, to enable us to continue with this project. Peter served a wonderful fish and chip supper, and also hosted a quiz, which raised £193. These monies go directly to serve local animal welfare.

If you wish to help us, please contact RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs Longview Animal Centre at Division Lane, Marton.

We appreciate the help we have received to enable us to get so far, but need further funding to keep the building programme rolling.

I would also like to recommend Peter’s fish and chips, as they are second to none.


Honorary branch secretary

Blackpool RSPCA

THE residents of The Homestead, Henry Street, Lytham, wish to express concern regarding the remark made by Coun Len Davies that “drinking establishments in the area were largely well-behaved” (Gazette February 13).

Since a public house and restaurants have extended over the past years, the onset of midnight from Friday over the weekend has made Henry Street a rowdy, intolerably noisy area, and at times frightening, because of fights and arguments, necessitating police having to be called.

Over the years, the residents of The Homestead have made representations to the licensing committee – to no avail.

Now they are faced with another hour being added to their weekend’s night time misery.

An invitation is extended to Coun Len Davies and members of the licensing committee to come some weekend and experience “the true behaviour of those leaving drinking establishments.”


Henry Street