Letters - 16-07-12

Dementia'elderly / oap / carer / retirement
Dementia'elderly / oap / carer / retirement
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AFTER reading Call For OAP means tests (Gazette July 7), I was left wondering how come us pensioners have become the enemy.

Don’t forget what these benefits are giving our elderly some sort of life. Everyone gets old, and to be old is frightening.

Do we, as a nation, want to immobilise our elderly? Keep them indoors, out of sight, out of the way, to wither away? Or maybe we would like them to get out, keep some sort of mobililty, be able to visit family, friends, hospitals, keep warm, and spend their meagre pensions in the community.

Lots of small businesses rely on the custom of the elderly for cups of tea, scones, teacakes etc.

To get on the bus (without thinking, can I afford it?), keep warm, meet family and friends, is magic.


Belmont Avenue


ON behalf of the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Branch of the MS Society, I extend our sincere thanks to the kind people who donated money during our recent collections at the local Booths stores.

The collection at the Woodlands Road store, in Ansdell, on Saturday, June 2, raised £194.78.

The Lytham St Annes store collection, at Haven Road, which was held over the afternoons of June 22 and 23, raised a further £356.18. These funds will go directly to help and support local people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Many thanks once again to everyone who donated, and to the members of staff for their hospitality.

Your ongoing support for our charity is very much appreciated.



MS Society

Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Branch

IT is great to see the new trams are now running on a 10-minute frequency during the day.

Hopefully this will encourage even more residents to get into the habit of hopping on board and using the excellent form of transport. But I would also like to see a more frequent evening service.

There is talk of people being able to buy tram tickets along with their theatre tickets.

It is certainly a convenient and cheap way to get into town for an evening’s entertainment.

But if people are going to travel by tram in the evenings, that service needs to be more frequent too.


WE would like to say thank you to all our benefactors for 2012 who have donated food and money to enable us to support the sanctuary and feed the street cats of FY1.

We were hoping that the Olympic Torch might find it’s way to the sanctuary, even if just for a loan to take some photos. So far we live in hope.

Sadly, Lulu, our eldest resident at 18, passed away last week, and is sadly missed.

Our greatest need, above wet and dry food, is funds to buy flea treatment.

Please see us at RSPCA Fun Day on Sunday, August 5, at Stanley Park.


Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary

Grosvenor Street


BANKS being fined, bonuses given up, some people resigning, or going to jail, are not the questions.

They make us feel better, but the heart of the problems remains.

Successive governments have stood back in awe as banks have amassed riches by trading in futures, gambling in derivatives and dodging tax responsibilities, while productive industry in Britain is systematically sidelined.

The obvious solution is to take the banking and finance industry into public ownership, and use it for the common good, investing in industry, skills, infastructure and public services, instead of dodgy dealings.

We bailed them out with £1.3bn of our cash, the next year they make £90bn in profits and bonus and sit on billions and billions of uninvested cash, while the spectre of unemployment haunts us.

Even the governor of the Bank of England and the Tory Party leader call it a culture of corruption.

So us ordinary men and women can, and must, demand change.

What a different world we could have.


Beryl Avenue